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Hello Rusty Fingers it's Crystal Michelle remember me?

Once upon a weird time I used to blog all the time.. actually I was pretty sad when I had to let Crystal Michelles Mess Blog go! In a weird way it was my saving grace in more ways than one and I TRULY have this ache for kind of missing it a bit.

"It was my breath at times.."

Dramatic right? But TOTALLY true. I remember writing the last post and saying goodbye to something that I didn't "need" anymore. In reality I think I will always need an outlet for my fingers to run wild and my brain to let the world catch up if only for a sentence at a time.

So here it is, the start of a blog that I may or may not write in but atleast I know it's here and for some reason... that feels like home.

If you are new here, in my life.. you're probably like huh? But if you are not.. you know that it got me through being pregnant, three times... losing a relationship, then a really wild time.. working out, ( remember when the blogs were a thing.. before instagram videos, tiktok or anything video at all besides youtube... which was for gamers it felt like... skinny meg, brandy... if you know you know.. ) back surgeries, losing my dad... I mean it was the real diary of life. I REALLY wish I would have had it printed before I bid it farewell.

"I don't think this will be about makeup, or gray hair, unless it is. "

I kinda just want this to be a soft space to land when I need a space. So if you're here... say hi! I mean I honestly don't even know how people can see this.. I saw there was a blog option one day and it has been lingering since.

So Hi.. welcome to a deeper part of my mess. We will talk soon k?

Love, Crystal Michelle

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