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Hey Y'all

I am Crystal Michelle! You probably know me from my gray hair journey. I saw my first grays at 19 and then decided to go full silver sister just three years ago!

I am a color match specialist with SEINT Beauty & I am helping women change the way that the world looks at beauty one gray hair at a time!

Follow me on my socials & feel free to reach out I cant wait to get to know YOU!


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Get Color Matched

Crystal Michelle is a color match specialist with SEINT Beauty. She can custom color match you a makeup pallet that is customized to your face shades! 

Thinking Of Becoming a SEINT Artist & Joining
The Power Haus?

We can't WAIT to have you! Let me just tell you a few things you get when you sign up with this group of ladies!


 You will have full access to a team training, team support and all documentation for success. Direct contact with  your upline and all the leaders above her as well. 



SEINT has multiple opportunities to travel with your beauty besties! Most of them are trips you can earn for free! There is a company wide leader retreat, an incentive trip and an annual reunion. I mean who doesn't love a FREE trip right?!



You will have access to training by myself as well as other top leaders, links to online training through corporate and more! We have weekly & monthly calls. You can get as much training as you are ready for. 



We have one of the best compensation plans on the market. With SEINT you have two options to produce income. Personal Sales and Team Building, that way you can run your business YOUR way. You do not have to start a team, you can make 20%-40% commission on your sales alone, are you a natural born leader? Well great! We have a space for you to! Don't want to do lives, awesome you do not have to! Ready to rock a love, perfect your tribe will be there in the front row!


Free Makeup

 Now did I get your attention? Yes girl... free makeup. You earn so much makeup as an artist! It's lovely!



 This isn't the mean girls club YOU CAN SIT WITH US this is a family, a sisterhood, a tribe. We do not only talk about makeup & business. We talk about life, struggles and accomplishments. You need a cheerleader we are here, you want someone to clap for you, we got-chew boo. Makeup is what brings us together, friendship is what keeps us strong.

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