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8 Hours in the car with 3 kids…

Each year we trade off on vacations.

Like one year we will do a small adult trip ( like Austin )  and a big kids trip ( Like Alabama ) so last year was the kids trip so this year it’s Mom & Dads big trip turn!

So this year we decided to tag team with a few friends and head on down to Port Aransas for a mini beach vacation Texas Style!

The drive down there seemed longer than driving to Alabama for some reason, I am pretty sure its because Texas is sooooooo big that you never get out of it when you are not trying to get out of it, if that makes sense… so there was no change in scenery… you knew you were still in Texas. The kids were not to bad the drive there or back, it’s crazy when they get older… no one shits their pants, has to pee to bad where they cant hold it, pukes or cries for no reason for an hour… Ahh how I do NOT miss the toddler days 🙂

The quaint house that we stayed in called the Church Street Cottage  was just perfect for everything we needed!

It was close enough to restaurants to walk, close enough to the beach to drive… I mean I guess you could have walked to the beach buttttt…. have we met?

I saw a bunch of people actually renting golf carts and driving pretty much the whole island with them.

We spent the majority of our five days doing pretty much nothing and loving it! We had two full beach days, one we had to cut short because of course…. Lillian got strep throat from church camp.. so that was fun. But Thankfully I have the best pediatrician in all the land Dr Dalton so he called in some antibiotics and so she was pretty much good the whole trip, all besides the one day she wasn’t.  The other beach day we stayed until everyone was fried… Luckily the babes are 1/2 Italian so fried is only for one day and then they turn that pretty golden brown… They always have contest but Sister ALWAYS wins…

Beach days are my favorite especially when my family is with me.

sand, ocean, country music, good ole’ captain & coke

Makes for a pretty amazing day.

Remember we are at a beach town and I hate sea food… so I was pretty full with cheese burgers and hush puppies… for five days. ( hahahaha) While Gaige and The Husband ate sea food pretty much three meals a day… and Gaige wanted to go by his favorite restaurant Castaways   to see if he could get an all you can eat fish and shrimp to go, I quickly told him he was crazy…

The husband took Gaige on his first charter fishing trip, and he LOVED it! He also  caught 4 trout and fed us the next night with what he caught!

4th of July was spent on the beach as well, then that night we went to Leah’s Step Dads dock and sat on a HUGE boat and watched a terrific fire works display! They had a HUGE spread of food as well as music.

It was perfect.

Oh and The husband in his Man Onsie…. got in the Port A newspaper… *cough* attention whore *cough* hahaha

We went to all of the shops, are proud parents of two hermit crabs… and took the obligatory picture inside the sharks mouth… I HAVE to find the old one of these three in the same spot for comparison…

To say we needed this is an understatement… I think the kids played their phones only at night, not because I told them they couldn’t but just because they didn’t want to… we played Uno.. the game that never ends…. and car games.. we re set as a family.

We re set as a husband and wife..

I am a firm believer in vacations, and not just because of vacations to get away but vacations to re set.. to remember whats important, to re set as a family… to get back to the root of things.. Its SO easy to get caught up in the hustle of being home.. My family is a bit closer every vacation we take.

I hope that as hey get older we find a spot that we go to each year as a whole to re set…

Husbands, wives, dogs and grandbabies…

Okay maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but… the thought of that makes my heart swell beyond measure..

Why is it not Sunday? – Weekend Wrap up.

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on May 30, 2017

Would rather listen instead of read? Welp, now you can!

“Long” weekends always throw me for a loop I swear.

Today is Memorial Day and I totally feel like its Sunday, and I don’t have to work tomorrow.. wishful thinking I take it…

So Friday

Totally got my ish done early at work on Friday so I was able to take the babes to the pool. You know, when we moved in to this house almost a year ago ( time has seriously flown byi cant belive it has been almost a year ) I was super sad that we didnt have a pool in our back yard, that was on my check list! I went from a pool that we were in EVERY.single. DAY to a “stupid community pool” and to say I was bratty about it was a complete under statement.. I mean with it in the back yard we could swim whenever we wanted, I could wear clothes orrrr….. not wear clothes 🙂 I could also swim laps and not have to worry about the babes being at home alone.. it was good therapy for my back.

But.. with a pool in the back yard I also worried about everything….. all the time, like normal times 10.. the kids playing in the back yard, falling in hitting their head unable to get out, the dogs falling in, Lillian going outside when I as sleeping and falling in, other kids that came over falling in.. you name it I worried about it.

Now that we have a community pool that is literally a block away I got to say its nice! No hassle of cleaning it, hearing the husband cuss about why its green or cloudy or having an ocd moment where there were to many leafs in the pool… We can come and go as we please and the kids can play in the back yard and I have 0 worries but we still have access to the pool! Not to mention its not over crowded, which is nice…

Because I have a hard time peopleing.


Lake day.

Much needed lake day.

Brandon was home from the Marines for the weekend so we spent it at the boat, cooking, eating, swimming and more eating.

I’ve literally done nothing but eat since this back bullshit.

Maybe that is why I have been in this funk… maybe its something else, but I wish it would have its time and go down the freaking road… I hate feeling blah. But I have been just that.. blah, super quiet and blah.  I mean everyone has those days right? or weeks?

Sunday ( which should be today but its not which is weird)

We cooked out.

Family came over.

and I ate more.

and more.

then topped it off with a cookie cake I make.

Which is delicious.

Monday ( which should be tomorrow but its not its actually today and I know this bc I am annoyed by the sound of Street Outlaws I hear from down stairs.)

I have been super lazy…

Lillian has been asking me to pull out this HUGE box of pictures that I have in the garage to go through it. She wanted to see pictures of her dad and I… So I finally pull it out and when I tell you I have 3,000 pictures I probably have 5,000. Its a massive tupperware bin FULL to the brim. What does she do…. It took me 20 minutes to get it out from where it was…. She looks at it for 5 minutes and then has an ADD moment and shes gone.. so now I am left going though this mess…

I laughed. I cried. I gave that what the hell was I thinking face. Awe that’s cute face. Glad I dodged that bullet face. Wonder what would have been thought.

Which is always the worst.

All the feels in all the land were had that is for sure.

And man was I tiny.

I always thought I was so fat!

Someone should have slapped me.

I totally deserved it.

A day late of the weekend

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on September 1, 2015

2015-08-31 12.39.12

So yesterday was my B’s birthday so I took a half day off from any social media and spent it wrapping presents, buying food, eating lunch with him going to football and enjoying his belly laugh.

2015-08-31 13.19.06

Am I the only mom who gets choked up on their kids birthday? I mean I cant even sing happy birthday without crying…. I am not even joking… I cant be the only one right?

2015-08-31 18.30.51

I think it’s because I see him small with a bald head and chunky chunk legs.. sucking his thumb and having that little lisp of his.

Now he is ten.. ten y’all… ten.

And time isnt slowing down, listen I know that growing older is a privilege that some do not get, I am not sad he is getting older, I am just sad that he is getting older.. hahahahah whatever.

But he is such a great kid.. with a great heart and smile and he makes me have a heart attack at least twice a day.. with football and jumping off stuff and all in the mean while he kisses me and warns me and says ” mom I know this is going to scare you but I promise I will not break my face..”  with a grin that makes me some how trust him? Hahaha I know I am in trouble with that one.

So what about the weekend?

2015-08-27 11.03.57

Friday ended the first full week of school! I think the babes were so worn out that when each of them got home they all got in pj’s and undies and decided that is where they were going to stay for the rest of the night!  School really wears ya out you know 🙂 I went to the gym for a little arm sesh, which is my fave of all! I just want awesome arms… and they will be I just need to lean my body out. I will be excited when that happens…

2015-08-29 10.06.43

Then we had G’s first baseball game!! I am pretty sure I was more or equally as excited as he was.. There is just something about baseball I love, maybe its that I know he isn’t going to get tackled and beat up? Maybe… who knows.. BUt bringing my lawn chair out, people stealing bases and me being a nervous wreck when Gaige gets up to hit… I just love it all.

Then that night was the boys sleepover for B’s birthday. I am a real big “you have a choice mom” what that means is I give the kids choices on pretty much everything. So this year B could have a sleepover or we could have a big party with everyone, family & friends. He chose sleepover so there were 4 boys here total, not to bad.. plus everyone seems to think boys are crazy… oh no its the girl sleepover at ten that freaks ME out! So they all just swam, went to Hooters for dinner and stayed up all night long.

I got my cardio in Saturday I danced it off.


I cant wait until I am able to REALLY dance…

Sunday we sat around and watched the train wreck of the VMA’s


Can I just say that as a music lover this is the prime example of how our music now is shit…. I mean they don’t even have any to showcase because there isn’t any… and no rock awards even… because there isn’t any..

Doesnt anyone have a garage band anymore?

It has resulted to Kanye speaking whatever he was speaking, I am pretty sure NO one knows… Miley ( who can really sing in real life ) screaming something about peace with her tranny parade and the only good performance was The Weekend..

It’s a shame really.

I bet it was because I didn’t make out…


First Day of School & Creepy Dad….


I should literally start writing this stuff down..

Each week I sit at the computer and think, what did we do on Friday.. Hahahahaha I know its horrid gettin’ old 🙂 Or just having a billion kids and a husband and football and baseball and well you know the rest.

This was our last weekend before school started.

OH YEAH now I remember! Hahahahaha

2015-08-21 15.52.44

So Friday we went to the zoo all day.  In Texas ( last week anyway) we have had great 80 degree days! It has been so nice! I gave the kids a few choices to do and they all picked the zoo! Which was weird but awesome… I am going through that mom stage of sadness… you know, where the cute stuff you do for kids isnt cool… the boys look at me and smile and say thanks mom but I am almost positive its just to appease me.. not because they really like smiley faces on their pancakes anymore.. You never really realize that your kids WILL and DO outgrow the shit you hate to do.. You know the room mom or pta moms that go above and beyond with their kids lunches making everything in to an animal of some sort of the valentines gifts took her 4 weeks to hand make..

Well better get on board half ass mom ( I am talking to myself by the way ) Because your middle school kids give 2 shits about any of that anymore, and then you’re chasing them to the car screaming  like wait.. wait a second…. I didnt write on your napkin!!!!!

As you can tell its the first day of school and I am probably going to skip a lot of the weekend stuff and talk about how happy/proud/I’ll stop crying in a second/ Gaige will be a senior in only 6 years/ Briysen in 7 Oh my gosh I need a paper bag!

It’s okay I have 3 more years of home roomey mom stuff and watch out pta moms I am comin’ for ya! ya hear may!

I can just see the boys now… um why didn’t you do that for us? hahaha Mommy was drunk.

Totally kidding.



On a serious note I am so proud of each of them.

All I was really trying to say is that I would figure Lillian to love the zoo and the boys to roll their eyes and everyone wanted to go.. We walked a ton, a lot of the animals were sleeping but we had a really great time. Oh and we saw a legless lizard…

um… still not sure how its not a snake.

You should google it.


Saturday we had baseball practice in the am, the boys went skating and The Husband, Lillian and I went to dinner and had the best cheat meal ever. STEAK!

2015-08-22 19.50.02

I went to go get the boys from the skating rink and Gaige got in the car with a HUGE smile on his face… I was like okay what happened… LM was there…. his girrrlllll friend ( whom is also in his class and I threatened his life that if he doesnt pay attention in class that I would make him go to school in his sisters clothes)  And they couples skated…. for the 1st time.. ever.

I am pretty sure Jordan Keefer or William Banister? ( not sure of his last name) was my 1st couple skate.. sweaty hands.. hahahahaha so weird. Fingers locked, but all I do remember is sweaty hands…. I had a crush on Dusty but he was pretty much to cool for me.. so rude. I mean what I like 311.. I can speed skate…. I wear mascara.. what the hell!!

Or maybe it was bc didnt make out yet…. orrrrr because I looked like this….& wore sunglasses inside… had a HUGE pager & worse boxers with my overalls unbuttoned..

Maybe that is why.


Sunday we spent at the batting cages, in the pool and just relaxing.. getting ready for school… laying out clothes, talking about how to open a combination locker, Lillian upset that her brothers will not be there to walk her home ( aka carry her crap ) My new phone case came in the mail & I am in love with it.


Father time slow down. I’m not ready!

Cheers to the weekend.

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on July 6, 2015


This weekend was awesome!

Friday the husband had off half a day and went to go get the wood to build the deck! He is so excited about this… like SO excited. TO me and the kids having the pool in the back yard was the huge deal and The husband basically cannot rest until it is 100% done.. meaning pool, deck landscaping the whole nine..  So I am happy that he may relax by Christmas.


That night we went to our neighborhood fireworks show, down the street. The boys played football with a neighborhood kid, Lillian and a few girls played tag and the hubs and I just sat there getting eaten alive by mosquitos hahaha. They are so bad this year!!


There is just something about having people over my house that I am in love with. I know that I have said it before but I literally love it… My house being full of laughter, and kids and people snacking on food and I don’t know I just love it.


I promised myself I would get a picture of everyone together on the 4th and well.. I didn’t… Go me.

So I ate like shit all weekend.

Didn’t drink water.

At all.


So today I woke up super swollen. ( its how my body works) So today I am drinking my gallon and going to walk in the garage and hopefully sweat all this mess out!  I had so much fun I dont regret any of it 🙂 I think every once in a while you have to turn your brain off to the eating right world and just enjoy your self and the company you are with. That was this weekend for me.

On the up side the smoker I bought for the hubs was used this weekend and he out did himself on those ribs…

They were DELISH!!

2015-03-28 10.04.29


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