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The art of le’ blog

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on July 19, 2017

One of my 1st pictures on this blog. Briysen & The girl who tanned Sharing old pics on this blog..

 I for real think I have had a blog since I was pregnant with Gaige. At one time it was called something else then after attending a conference on the “rules of blogging” I then and there decided I have never been much of a “rule follower” especially when it comes to my heart and brain that I would just toss it up to be about everything and call it Crystal Michelle’s Mess.

About twice a month I will get an email from someone who reads the blog or has come across it and asks me how I got started, how I stay afloat and do I make money from the blog, so I thought I would give you a few tid bits on my in’s and outs of blogging.

I need it ALLLLLL & Topic

So you will find some really impressive blogs out there.. Listen Linda, all you really need at this point is a web domain and an idea.. I mean why do you want a blog anyway? This is the biggest question of them all… Are you in to fitness and have a ton of weight to lose? Are you a  breastfeeding mom? Have a shopping problem, and love fashion? Travel a lot ? Or… Like me, you just have entirely to much to say and spent a majority of your day behind a desk or talking to small ears that you cant say Fuck in front of and feel comfortable..

See I really just come here to cuss…

But really this is going to be how you get your audience, if you even want one.. some people just need a place to “be” and others blog to create something bigger.

I have to be honest.. that has been a struggle that I have faced more than once… Should I turn mine into a fitness blog? Then I tried to for a split second and started getting hate mail of why I dont write anymore. Plus, lets be honest, I am not that “fit” anyways I have always been “fitish” with a side of fries… To where I have kinda sorta come to terms with this just being my place. I will prob never have a large audience and thats okay! Plus I have seen what internet trolls do to people and um no thanks.

I wouldn’t spend to much time or money in to making it something you don’t even know that you like… or don’t like for that matter! GO to a free site like like blogger and get you a small free blog and see if it tickles your fancy! IF it does and you start to really enjoy it then you can always move on to bigger and better things.. It can be expensive if you think you have to have it all right now.

Being under a microscope 

This can be good and bad.

Good you have people that read your shit now.

Bad you have people that read your shit now.

The art of blogging is sometimes to be brutally honest, no one wants to read blogs with no meat… kinda like this one, hahaha anyone who hasn’t wanted to start a blog isn’t reading anymore..

Putting your life out there is scary sometimes especially when you feel pulled to write about it. Normally those are the times you are vulnerable and think I cant be the only one who goes through this… It takes ONE right share for shit to go viral on the internet now. Then boom you have people reading from 60 weeks back and now you have something shared that gets CPS called on you because you write about hitting your kid in the head with a door on accident and she had to get stitches…. Or it goes the other way and you end up on Ellen… then there is that… I guess.  I have seen people get divorced because of shit they shared on their blogs and friendships breakup.

I know you are giggling but its seriously part of your life you are offering.

You have to be ready for that, your spouse has to be ready for that or you have to have an agreement of what you will and wont share.

Making Money

I really haven’t dove in to this much.. I mean I have gotten free stuff to try here and there but I haven’t ever written a sponsored post and have turned down quite a few.. BUT that isn’t for everyone! If something came across that I would, then I would…. but I am not going to drink fit tea and tell you its how I lost weight because they pay me 100 bucks…. Not how I work, but you can and some do! Most of the time when people make money from blogs it’s because they sell something or have such a large following  that they have sponsored post.


I mean I like money, someone pass the hair gummy people my name.

The few rules I do-ish follow…

Post in the mornings EARLY or at night at 8/9ish… that is when people wake up or are relaxing for the day

Pictures. add them.

Make a I am going to post a blog days… ( I totally suck lama balls at this)

Get a hash tag

Post your blogs on your social media sites… ( this is when you start having diarrhea because people you know will read your shit.. and judge you….)

My Advice.

I love my blog….

It’s not huge, ( thats what she said) but its mine.

I wish some days I didn’t have people I know read it so I could say when and what I wanted to but that is something that I will get over eventually and just say it and not care.. If you feel passionate to write do it, what EVER you feel passionate about I say do it. Start small, figure out what you want your blog to be called and just start writing..

Then the 1st word to her was can I sniff your baby..

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on August 17, 2016

Ahhhhhh can I just tell you how in LOVE I am with my house??

I mean in love y’all.

It is beyond nice to have a space that accommodates everyone and not everyone is breathing down each other necks. The boys finally have their own rooms and bathroom and I no longer have to yell because I was so sleepy that I sat down in someones pee that they didn’t wipe off the seat…

These are a few of my favorite things.

@jwrighteous thank you so much for my pretties... My fave corner of the house so far & it's not done #Jesus #coffeeandjesus

@jwrighteous thank you so much for my pretties… My fave corner of the house so far & it’s not done #Jesus #coffeeandjesus

Also that my room is down stairs… and that I only have to come up stairs for my office or if I need something but not because I forgot my charger or to check and see if my straightener got turned off… sounds insane but happens at least 100 times a year if not more.

We budgeted like scrooge on Christmas buying this house… Things we could buy, shouldn’t buy and things we could do without.

Knowing that it was a huge move for the kids I let them pick out their own colors and decor for their rooms and they and I couldn’t be happier with what they chose!

2016-08-17_0005 2016-08-17_0004

There are still a few things we have to get done but pretty much we are at the nitty gritty now.

Its the small things I love most though..

Like I am super excited about Christmas, wanna know whyyyyyy because I have a double oven!!!

2016-08-17_0003 2016-08-17_0001

Like my office…


Oh yeah lookin’ good huh… hahahah This will be the last room I finish and I am okay with that. Bought a new desk from FB bst and I LOVE it..


There is still quite a few things to get done but…. it really feels like “home” my mom could always make a house feel like home, I think I got that same thing from her 🙂

We met our neighbors yesterday, and since it wasnt a million degrees outside there were so many kids out playing which made me happy because the kids are going to be stoked! If you remember the neighbor I had before was AWFUL, so I was super happy when I met the ones yesterday.. A young couple who has three kid and a 7 week old baby…..

and when she said 7 week old baby before I could even think it through I ask if I could sniff her baby.

you should have seen the look on the husbands face….

Hahahahahaha you know that new baby smell right  out of the bath? It makes my heart flip and my uterus yurn! So anyway after I explained to her that I was fixed she totally understood… I think we will get along just fine.

On next is cook outs and football on our great back patio!

You’re 30 and you live with your mom….

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on August 12, 2016

Missing my coffee buddy this morning

So I think this will be the last blog I write before I am finally all caught up with blogging and can bring this up to current time and tell you all how in LOVE I am with my new house… my new home.

So when we decided to sell our house I have to tell you it was a cluster fuck at its finest. I had NO idea that there was so much that goes in to buying and selling a home and much less how you have to basically do all the repairs to your house that you put off for the last 10 years not to mention keep it clean… and I think that is the worst part!

So we sold our home.

Twice actually.

Thank the lawd my mom was the listing agent because I know if I had anyone else they would have fired me…  I may or may not ask a whole bunch of questions & my mom was super understanding of explaining the process to us both.

You can finc her Real Estate Page HERE

Then we were in this in between… the people we were buying our new house from were kinda assholes, and the lady also just gave birth like 5 minutes ago and had a newborn at home so she wanted or needed some time…I get it I have babies… but 3 weeks extra? Um no…. that on top of us basically having to gut all the flooring and re painting EVERYTHING before we moved in.

So we needed time.

Lets take it way on back.


I moved out of my moms house super young… my sister divorced her husband and I stayed with her for a while until I got super awesome and thought that I needed my own place with a boy…. ( what an idiot I was)

So when I say moving in with my mom was a huge deal, it was a HUGE deal.. not to mention my mom and I have a lot of the same strong personality traits so, when we dont like eachother we are both assholes about it. So… I was a tad worried about it…

Not to mention I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a husband….

God is crazy awesome, let me just tell you.

Living with my mom was pretty insane.

You see, I think we were both at really weird times in our lives when I moved out.. She had just gotten divorced from my dad, and they were married like 18 years, she was trying to figure out her stuff.. I was a teenager who was in love with a boy who needed much more love than I could have given him and it was just strange.

It has always been a strange relationship between her and I if I am being 100%honest.

She needs to nurture and I need to be tough enough not to need to be nurtured.

Living with my mom again healed a lot of open wounds…

This is getting deep huh.

Maybe wounds she didnt even know were there?? Maybe I didn’t either.

Either way it was a breath of fresh air to the point of when I knew my house was almost ready to move in to I felt like I was leaving my moms house for the first time.. I cried in my car for a week.. thinking of having to “leave home”

So weird.

Each morning we woke up and who ever woke up first made coffee… she took 2 splendas and black where I take my cream with a little coffee. Our mugs were always beside eachothers and I always had the glass with the chip on the top of it. We watched the news and spoke about what we were going to do that day before PawPaw got up and the kids were still sleeping, until one of them with sleepy filled eyes come to cuddle me on the couch. What she didnt know though is how I memorized her face… her hands and how I remembered everything so clearly to how she likes her coffee or how her pajamas always match and she never gets out of bed with out flip flops on…

Working next to her in the office, her with Real Estate and me with Medical Mumbo Jumbo. I am flipping papers and singing each song I can and her talking to herself as she writes and her for a brief second stopping to remind me that I shouldnt have been a nurse I should have been a singer.  ( gotta love a mothers love.. because I sounds like a cross between Fergie and Jesus… Mmmkay) But we were there and together..


I made dinner each night and I have to tell you my step-dad Mike is pretty awesome.. Not that I forgot that but I can say that I feel like we disconnected some where some how, and we got that back… Him with his V8 juice and me making him his plate every night at dinner and me pretending that I cared about the Rangers on TV or his old western movies… And our late night talks about nothing.

Something so simple but I loved it.

One day my mom asked me to do her makeup…. why did this make me so happy I could have cried.. My mom is so beautiful yall… Rubbing foundation on her face or the eyes shadow brush across her eyes, I just cant explain it enough to you but my heart felt all the feels while I did it.


I felt in the time living with my mom I got some adolescence back in some sort of strange way. I got my mom.. I got to be home, it felt like home even. My babies got to see mamaw and pawpaw and get tickled each night before bed, we prayed over dinners together and tried to figure out how to space out showers throughout the day so everyone got hot water…

Sounds hectic huh.

Crazy part is that it wasnt at all..

I figured by the end of it they would be ready for us to leave and I have now been gone a week and each day I get a text from one or both of them saying they miss us.

I am thankful for that month.

I am thankful for the craziness.

I am thankful for my family.


So, thank you Mom & Mike, thank you for opening up your home to a full family. Thank you for sharing your home and hearts with us.. we all enjoyed it and I say that truly not like “hey thankkkssss k byeeee” it was a blessing in disguise.

We love you.


Let the countdown begin!

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on July 25, 2016


Things are all really starting to fall in to place, and my Amazon obsession is back in action again. I think as soon as I got an address my shopping cart went from 0 to 10 in two . five seconds and my husbands love for me is…. something else right now because of it.. but listen y’all I hate shopping like HATE it… so when I look on Amazon, I know what I want and what I need I get it swipe and BOOM done! Plus now almost everything is done..

Besides the heart wall Lillian wants in her room & I can get 8 of them for 10 bucks…. Um thanks? I need like 500 dollars worth to fill up a wall no thanks? So I bought two packs in hopes of me spreading them out… we shall see..

Maybe I can hand draw them? Who knows……..

The husband got home on Friday and after work we were really able to pound out some stuff at the house. Its so nice not doing it alone, esp with my gimp back he can lift stuff I cant! So we got the paint, the walls numbered and the floors swept… The next day we went over and the painters were hard at work and got over half the house done in one day! They worked their asses off.

I was a little concerned about the gray that I chose for each room but after talking to him and how to spice it up a bit I am happy to say when I went in there today and saw the main color I was super happy with our choice!

Next comes the floor, it starts tomorrow.. and he will need a week to get that done.

Then the carpet…

Then the furniture is delivered and we get to move count down is on y’all!

IMG_2362 IMG_2361 IMG_2360 IMG_2359

While they were painting today I wrote a prayer and a blessing on the floor and we all prayed and then signed our names..

It is close to one of my favorite days and I will remember it forever.


I found a flying pig at the store, I am kinda obsessed with these.. You see my Aunt Sally said to me “never walk by a pig with wings with out buying it, its like a dreamers unicorn, because when people say you’ll do that when pigs fly, they just do not know how strong you are is all, and that pig no matter how small proves as a reminder that anything can happen if you put your mind and heart to it.

Lastly, I was pretty devastated this weekend.

Chick Fil A changed their BBQ sauce.


Its awful and I am never going there again.



Its like Arbys taking away Arby sauce, dont they know that is the only reason people go there?

The end.

Five on Friday

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on April 8, 2016

2016-04-07 07.55.19

1. The smell of puke isn’t so bad…

So thursday morning Sister woke up saying her belly hurt, now normally Id tell her to suck it up and go to school, but lassttttt time I did that she ended up puking in the class room and was humiliated and hated me for a week… She isn’t one to be “sick” so normally if she says she feels bad, she does.. Whats weird is she goes through highs and lows. Like when G is sick for instance, its the end of the world.. and he is running fever, puking and cant get out of bed.. when she is sick she is just fine, to the point where you question wait have I been punk’d…. then all of a sudden her eyes change, she gets quiet.. and she pukes… 5 minutes later back to normal..

I hate when my babes are sick buttttt a small tiny part soaks it all up because they are all bigger now and its the only time I can get that good snuggle time with them like I did when they were little… so it was nice for me to slow down to… and just soak it up.

Maybe I’ll get the stomach bug and get skinny.

But she did get her first big girl haircut

2016-04-07 13.31.11

2. Land…… shoot me in the face

2016-04-07 13.29.30

Still looking for land.. we think we found another lot we like but it’s so far away….. but seems like unless you are a millionaire that is where you have to look to afford land… far away.

3. I’m pretty proud of myself

2016-04-07 13.27.29

I am killin’ my workouts & eating. I did cheat a bit, yesterday but I think I am going to use that as my cheat day this week so no bigs.. Last month I lost 6lbs total, this month I am hoping to get down 8.

The YMCA asked me to start teaching my hip hop class… so that is up in the air… the only bad part is I cant have cussing in my music and well, clean versions of old stuff wear me out.. But I have not said no yet, just ironing out the fine details 🙂

4. House Stuff..

We are almost done…

We have a few small things but May 1st is still looking like the listing date, but.. I had to set some ground rules, I will not sell it until we have plans drawn up and land bought. I mean I think that is fair…

I am super stressed out about where we will live..

5. It’s Friday..

2015-03-04 06.28

I am going to enjoy my weekend, next week is a HUGE week for me at work, and I will be slam busy. So I am planning on relaxing as much as possible.


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