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This is 35

on November 25, 2017

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, yesterday anyway.

35 Things I’ve learned by 35…


  1.  I’ve learned that the most important thing in life, business, motherhood and all else is to never compromise on your integrity. Don’t compromise yourself — you’re all you’ve got, and who ever doesn’t respect that.. fuck em’
  2.  I’ve learned that God doesn’t give us what we want; He gives us what we need. Every time. And although it may not seem like it in the moment, and we may be frustrated or angry, in the end, it’s always what we need to grow, but its our choice to choose to go that way or choose to go our own way..
  3. I’ve learned it’s always important to have fun and be silly. The funnier and sillier, the happier.
  4. I’ve learned that I still have lessons to learn..
  5. I’ve learned that until your belly is full you will not make any impactful decisions
  6.  I’ve learned not to take no for an answer. I have never taken no for an answer if I believe in something, and it has served me well. Fight for what you want. And don’t you be lazy! Never be afraid to dream big, and put it out into the universe. If you work hard enough, the universe will listen. I’ve learned that the harder I work, the luckier I get.
  7. I have learned I am proud of myself, I worked my ass off to get here..  and I am DONE feeling guilty about it.
  8. I’ve learned marriage is hard.
  9.  I’ve learned that sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.
  10. I’ve learned that the line is thin between pushing your child to the limit in order to not raise a quitter, and pulling back to not turn them off from life. I struggle daily.
  11. I’ve learned that God thinks I am a badass and can handle more than I think I can, but look at me.. doing this shit… crawling some days but doing it..
  12. I’ve learned being a parent is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life.
  13. I’ve learned that its okay if everyone doesn’t like me, its also okay to not be everyone’s best friend.
  14. I’ve learned to say no, and that being okay to say..
  15. I’ve learned to listen more, like seriously shut up Crystal… and sometimes when talking to God if I just shut up I may hear what he has to say back to me as well.
  16.  People make time for what is important to them, if they dont make time for you then its just not that important to them.
  17.  I’ve learned my kids are getting  older and I shouldn’t feel bad about spending more time with them that I do our with friends… because soon, they will be gone and I’ll have nothing but time.. those who understand and love me will be there waiting with a margarita.
  18.  I’ve learned no one has it all together.
  19. TRUST YOUR GUT…. that bitch is always right.. even when you dont want her to be she is.
  20. Ive learned that I need “me time” to be sane… and that doesn’t mean a bath with no kids.. that means me on a plane going somewhere to catch my breath and Ive also learned that me time is okay.. Nature heals.
  21. I’ve learned that people who cant hold their alcohol really annoy me.. and in men I find it disgusting
  22. I’ve learned that when I think “If this happens I’ll be happy” there is a way deeper issue going on that I should probably look into
  23. I’ve learned that it’s okay to not be okay…
  24. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t cut my hair, I”ll hate it.. also you cant love it more by chopping your bangs yourself
  25. I’ve learned that you dont know how long they will be here so always end with an I Love You and mean it
  26. I’ve learned the smartest person in the room is never the one who’s doing the most talking.
  27. I’ve learned no one has the same heart as you so stop expecting that and cracking your own.
  28. I’ve learned to forgive myself
  29. I’ve learned Wine makes me happy, Beer makes me full & Vodka gets me drunk
  30. I’ve learned it’s okay to be emotional.. I just feel things all the way through & there is nothing weak about that.
  31. I’ve learned I will always miss my dad no matter how much time passes…
  32. I’ve learned deep down you already know the truth you question…
  33. I’ve learned that feeling like you don’t have a choice is a choice
  34. I’ve learned I’ve done so many things right when I thought I was doing so many things so wrong.. ( raising kids ) and I just need to slow down and breathe
  35. I’ve learned that at 35 I am still searching for myself… and I’ve also learned that that’s okay…

I am me, I will and always will be true to myself. I laugh with my whole face & I love with my whole heart.

Cheers to 35 more years.



on January 30, 2017

So this week I may or may not have gotten a lot older…

You see this weekend was the big kids birthday and y’all he turned 13….. I mean I get it its not 18 (thank God I need to ease in to this stuff) but I have a ThirTEEN year old.. which in return makes me old. I mean I feel like I was 13 like 5 minutes ago! Talking about North Oaks Middle School seems like a long time ago but not long enough for me to have a 13 year old that is now talking about HIS middle school.

This is all so weird..

I have a teenager.

But I swear I am only 19 myself.

Who is the grown up here? Someone needs to get them over here and explain some shit to me..


I have to tell you though, the day was awesome and the kid is awesome… I did cry the night before when I hugged him and sang to him ” So happy together” ( he cried to ) because I was hugging him 12 for the last time. Other than that I have been really good! I gave him the option to stay home on his birthday if he was passing with all A’s and B’s and have a date day with me and he totally chose to.. It’s because Im cool and not old.. yet.

I worked my ass off all week to be able to work a half day on Friday so we made a few rounds to my clinics and then the rest of the day was his to enjoy with me.


First stop was Waffle House, the kids east a ton yall and is in a size 11.5 shoe!! I mean they are boats and I know that he will be passing me up here in the next few months for sure. I have about .5 inch on him right now but that is about to go by by in no time. Watching him across the table was surreal… He placed a spoon on his nose and I have to tell you that my thoat got a little tight.. We lived in a small town in Benbrook when he was a baby and when we would go there he would do this very same thing. Mama Lisa would make him a special Waffle and he would blow bubbles in his chocolate milk without anyone telling him he could not. I tried to correct him once and Mama Lisa said ” why cant he do that? you tell me why and I will make him stop” I couldnt give her a reply.. I mean he wasn’t making a mess and he was eating all his food… So from there on out blow all the bubbles you want.

After the Waffle House visit we had to make a few stops for work and then we were off to the gym. My mean ass trainer has me on 6 days a week cardio so I had to make sure i got that in before  I went to the Cheese Cake Factory 🙂

Then we headed off to the movies! He has been itching to see the movie Split and that is right up my crazy ally!

So we bought tickets and were a tad bit early so we went next door and got a foot massage..

Which isnt very relaxing when you have a teenager who giggles every time the lady touches his feet…He just couldn’t contain himself.. Lets just say it wasn’t the smartest 40 bucks I’ve ever spent! But it was worth it 🙂

The movie was great! I think I may or may not have gotten my hopes up to high for it, but Gaige really liked it a lot and jumped quite a few times 🙂

Cheesecake Factory then the following night this…..

8 boys…… @gaige33

8 Of them.


It is a blessing and pleasure being your mom. I couldn’t be any more proud of the man that you are becoming.

Always follow your dreams and remember who you are. There is NOTHING that you can not accomplish with a little hard work and me by your side <3

To the moon and back


This is 40…..

Posted in HAPPY BIRTHDAY, My Husband
on July 1, 2016


The husbands surprise party went amazing!! I told him that his mom and sister were going but when we showed up there was such an amazing turn out! Pretty much all of his best friends throughout  his life were there to celebrate his 40th birthday <3  When we walked in he gave the “whut in de hell” in his best southern charm voice..

I was over the moon happy because for one I dont keep surprises very well…. at all…. and I totally rocked this one, and he not a really “excited” person and he was over the moon happy.


His cake was AMAZING! You see he is a plumber so I thought the toilet was a great idea. Getting it was a little hard, I had two people cancel on me so a girl named Dara from Baked with Love was amazing and literally made this cake in one day notice. I will never send my business to anywhere else, customer service is everything & that cake was insanely good!


When I booked the trip to Nashville I had NOOOO idea that it was the CMA’s Fest weekend.  Now its a fest not the awards, so when the husband opened it he LOUDLY announced ” your shittin’ me…. then holler’d were going to the CMA’s baby” and I had to snicker and quietly whisper… its a fest not the awards I love you.. ha but we are still poor..


The weekend was just as awesome as we thought it would be.


I think with my job and his job at the current time we REALLY needed a get a way with no worries, no kids and no judgment. It was perfect. We did not get to see or do everything that we wanted to do, but when I tell you it was assholes to elbows there I mean it was assholes to elbows there.. I mean think the Arts Fest x 100 crazy…

I was channeling my inner Nashville with a cute headband..


One of the nights we went to a concert, they had a concert each night.. We saw Hank Jr, Eric Church, Chris Stappelton ( whom is my fave, something about a man with a raspy smokey voice gets me… every.single.time) and Carey Underwood, Clint Black ( whom looks like he smells good) .. there was another guy but he did this rap sing talk thing not sure who he was.. he sings house party?  Totally un country.. I was confused. OH Sam Hunt..

The beer there was 10…. one beer… can…. was ten bucks.

So safe to say we stayed sober at the concert.

The next night is when The Hubs got awesome..



Top ten reason why I love him so…..

The last day was a nightmare… The hubs had a HUGE bruise on his foot so it was hard for him to walk, our plane left at 3 and we had to be out of the hotel at 12 so… we went ahead and went straight to the airport, only for Texas to have bad weather and long story short 4 meals later and 3 movies.. we boarded out flight at 2am…

All in all it was a great time & Netflix is a life saver..


 If that is what 40 looks like, I am not to scared of it.. I mean I’m not ready by ANY means yet hahaha but being married to a 40 year old is way better than being married to someone that is 25 🙂 *preach*

Hormonal Mess is what this should be called

Just Another Manic Monday

This past weekend was super busy!


First thing is first.. I have been a hormonal mess all day due to my son turning 10….. I know it sounds crazy but I can barley even sing happy birthday without tearing up! Ten….. double digits, both hands.. oh my gosh where has the time gone?? I love all of my kids differently and I am here to tell you that Gaige and I have a special kind of something bond. His pregnancy, situation and all the above and m ore were a trying time for me and he is who turned a 19 year old girl in to a mom. I am forever grateful.. He is such a great kid, kind heart and just seriously one of a kind. I made him a flip gram on my instagram last night and he has looked at it all morning and cried… UGHHH which made me cry and then he says Mom thanks for loving me, thanks for growing me in your belly and being the best mom a ten year old could have…. I hugged him said thank you

Then locked myself in the bathroom and cried !


Hahahahahahaahhaha Does everyone else act like this on your kids birthdays??? My word!! Ahh I just love him, and I can remember me pregnant not knowing what I was going to do, or how I was going to be a mom… I mean I could barley take care of myself.. then I met him… and I knew that God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave me him. He was mine & I was his and it was us against the world..


Now I am crying again…

Happy Birthday to my first love.. Caiden Gaige <3 You will forever be my always.


This is week 4 in the T25 stuff & I have one more week after this and I weigh in and check my measurements from this workout plan! Can I say that I can not believe that I actually am finishing this? No really… I don’t finish at home stuff but it’s super easy and so short and intense and I can’t wait to do the next level! Last time I weighed I was down 8lbs. I am almost positive I haven’t lost anymore but we shall see!

I am starting a challenge group on Facebook ( a private group) of people doing T25 or P90x3 both 25 minute workouts! If you want in lemme know! The Challenge packs are on sale until Friday. Then after that they shoot back up and that is dumb. So get them while they are on sale!

I have been doing so great on my eating right y’all! I have screwed up a minimal amount of times! In my accountability group this is the last week to push it soooooo it’s on, no screwing up, no cheating… all clean errrrr day all day! Gallon Challenge is on like Donkey Kong & Today is leg day…. I would say I am pretty pumped!!


Last Friday’s Flirty Girl Jam was INSANE and awesome and I loved it! If you check out my facebook page  you can even see a video of us dancing! I am in the works of getting dates down for more.. so stay tuned!

*crickets* um Hellerrrrr???


Hahaha I couldn’t resist.. so true, but I will say as bad as I hate how freaking ass to elbows it is I am glad that a few of those million will finally get in charge of their health.

Um can I be in that few?

It’s so quiet in blog land…

I mean so quiet! Normally I log off for one day and have like 9,900 blogs to go through and read and my marker deal is only on 2… yes two.. which kinda of makes me feel proud that I am all caught up! Well besides the two of course..

The holidays are pretty much over and I think I have gained a million pounds back so far.. and let me tell you what, it was all worth it.. for real. I think the only think I dont like about the holidays… is they are to close together, like…… for instance dressing… I love it and I have now gotten it down to an art and can make it like my mom does! *pat on the back* but… I have it in November.. and by have it I mean eat it for a week straight… and then again in December and by have it I mean I still have some in my fridge.. and then you have to wait like a whole year before you can have it again… which you kind of don’t but who makes dressing in July ya know? Um no one…

I started back on my clean eating today….

and then I had a slice of pie…

I just laughed out loud…

So in the morning I am going to clean out the fridge. I cooked on Christmas so I am the one who has all the good left overs.. I tried to get people to take them all but they wouldn’t… so I have them all.. and tomorrow morning I will be cleaning it all out and in the trash it goes.

I would LOVE to say I have will power but I would be lying when it comes to dressing, Allens Potatoes and then the pecan pie.. I got nothing but bad intentions..


So I have planned out my week in workouts and written them down and I am ready to bust this fat in the fat.. Like I am totes over it. Although I have to tell you I dont regret anything I ate this past week ( and a half ) because it was delish…..

Other than eating… The Ugly Sweater Party was awesome as always! We exchanged gifts… drank… laughed.. arm wrestled…. took over 1,000 pictures… drank some more.. giggled a bit more… and then the next day I was in bed all day long…. like all day… and my head felt awful… I am not sure I have EVER had a hangover like that ever. Although I should have known when I was mixing Wine, Vodka, Corona and shots of Fireball….

Yup sounds smart huh…

Just call me Frank the Tank???


It was hilarity and I loved it.. this is just a sneek peek in to the madness….


Christmas with the fambam was perfect to! Ahhh I love Christmas.. The husband and I gift exchanged and he totally made me cry… he got me a diamond drop necklace that I have wanted since Brenda & Sonny were in love.. and she wore one… Oh come on… you totally know Genral Hospital right??? right????  Well he always has to one up me and he totally took the cake this year.. It’s beautiful and I love it and I love it… like love it love it…


I got everyone footy pj’s… and I kinda did it because I knew the husband would only wear his once.. and then they were mine…. ( insert evil laugh here)


The kids ransacked through their gifts.. throwing paper everywhere.. seeing what Santa brought them.. playing in make up and leaving nail polish in my carpet.. ( lillian………)  playing the wii and now basketball outside..

No really… The husband was like… Babe please calm down..

and I was just over here like… I love Christmas.

In other news…

I am out of my Shakeology and I can totally tell the difference.. I need it… cha hear me.. need

I want new tanktops to workout in…. and a money tree to get them.

I need some EmergenC because I kinda feel the crud coming my way

I signed up for Birchbox.. I am UBER excited about it.. and to hear it from E it’s the best mail she gets all month and I can not wait to play in it!! Have you girls heard of it? They send you samples every month of new stuff….

New stuff…. Um Hi I am a mom of three I dont get new stuff and I think every month I will act surprised bahahahahaha just let me have this okay…


Oh and last thing…. I will be doing an Instagram January Challenge if anyone wants to play along!



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