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Five on Friday

Five on Friday

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on June 2, 2017

Don’t want to read? Rather listen? Now you can!

Ahhhhh Fri-nally!

This week has FLOWN by but has totally dragged ass if it can do both. So to take up some space I am going to do 5 on Friday, on Friday’s this is where I give a recap and touch on five things throughout the week.

Schoooollllssss out for summmeerrrrrr

6th 2nd and 7th

This school year has seriously flown by! If you remember we bought our house a year ago ( a few days ago) and I was super worried about the kids starting a new school, if they would make friends, them walking home and so on and so on. I swear I blinked and they are done! I can NOT say enough about Saginaw school district, and that is me coming from “the best” which is Keller. I have to tell you I would pick Saginaw ISD over Keller ISD every day of the week. If you have a perfect kid, Keller will be great for you, if you have a kid that struggles, steer clear, just my opinion. But, Gaige is going to 8th freaking grade……. 8th grade! This is the LAST year in middle school before I have a kid in high school…. I may or may not have wanted to breath in a paper bag a few times when I let that sink in… then you have the I met his dad when we were in 8th grade… the summer going to 8th grade, thats when the whole “boy” thing got serious, and I was a late bloomer! Which means everyone was kissing and stuff way before I was… soooo that is what “stage” we are in, and its fucking scary… He is a GREAT kid though so I am not to worried.. Briysen will be in 7th and is SOOOOOO excited about middle school football, and ummm I am to! No more Pee Wee games late on Saturday nights or practice 6 days a week!! That makes me uber happy… They are both doing conditioning camp this summer, so that will be good! Lillian will be going to 3rd so I am still soaking up all the elementary stuff and will keep doing it..

Time goes by so fast and they are getting bigger but ummmm I totally still feel young ( most days. )

Summer camps, church camps, day training, vacation… all of it. Oh and eating me out of house and home….  Not ready for that.

My Hair.

So today I went in to get my hair done and my gray covered up…

Y’all… I would be full gray if I didnt cover it up, I confirmed it with heather today.

Full gray.

Thanks Mom & Dad.

And next time I am chopping it all off I have decided…. I know I know I struggle with this sooo bad but, I have VERY thin hair like old lady thin, so the length is the length it is but we had to put some “filler” extensions in and I have been letting it grow then filling it in for a while year, and I am totally ready to wash my hair normal and put my hands through it without feeling an extension. I totally could leave it the length it is with out the extensions but then it will be see thru and gross… so its either keep them or cut it and I think after a year I am ready for fun hair for a while.

I will totally regret it I already know.

My fucking back.

So, I am not sure if I blogged about it or not but… 2 weeks ago I did a dance class and a yoga class in the same day and did something to my back… to the point where I havent been to the gym but once ( this week) in two weeks, had to pause my dance class and take meds I went from being un able to sleep at all, to on the floor, to cant tie my shoe to now I am able to bring my stretch deeper and I hurt but I am not in “pain” unless I try and go to sleep at night… then I have to roll and roll until I find a place I can stand it and fall asleep. I have taken relaxers, meds, ice, heat , massage you name it.. and its still there. So this next week I have an appointment on Tuesday to go to he dr to get on steroids and get an MRI :/  Although its better, its still not “okay” and I need the MRI to show me if its just pissed at me or if I have re-herniated… and tbh, at that point if I did infact really hurt myself again I dont know what I will do.. because I dont think I am up for a surgery #2… Before I didnt want to try anything else I wanted to say fuck it, fix it and then I will heal… this time, I think I will try other options IF i infact did hurt it again…

Its so annoying and stupid.

And I was in my happy place teaching dance… and Im super scared that will just get ripped away form me again.

but I am praying it wont.

Book of Faces

On a hyadis ( how do you spell that ) After this whole birthday thing is said and done it is taking the back seat.

I am addicted.

So as many of you know, that know me I dont like tv… and it takes a lot to get me to get “into” a show. Like the shows I have watched are: Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Orange is the New Black and This is Us. Like finished from start to end ( well this is us isn’t ending but you get it)

So my girl friend Heather told me about a show a few months ago that she loved and this week when I was going to the gym, I needed something to bide my time while I walked on the treadmill so I wouldn’t want to go lift weights.. ( I wanted to see how walking and elliptical and bike felt first) So I went ahead and downloaded Amazon Prime Video and started watching Animal Kingdom

Oh Honey.

If my list of shows looks like your list of shows you need to go watch season one and the 2nd season JUST started Wednesday on TNT….

Think SOA but instead of bikers, it’s surfers… with a mom more fucked up than Gemma.

And just so we are clear that I called him first, Craig is mine <3 Something about that boy…

You’re welcome.

Need something to listen to while you drive to work? Welp, now you can listen to my blog instead of read it! Follow me on Podbean HERE  Its just me reading the blog, plus I forget some stuff so there is extra added 🙂 I am hoping one day that I can actually have a Podcast! But that is way down the line..

Happy GOOD Friday!

Posted in Five on Friday
on March 25, 2016


Happy Good Friday Y’all!

It seems like the weeks just fly by to me now..



This next two weeks for me pretty much suck lama balls.. It the 2 weeks before my dad passed away and I have to turn time hop and the Facebook memory thing off because its like a punch to the gut every time I open it. Easter is a pretty tough time for me since my dad passed away the day before it, so it may fall on a different day each year but the day before and the day of are the days that sting in my mind. What happened that day, when I talked to him what we said, when he passed away my phone number being dialed but he put to many numbers in so it didnt call me, his last doctors visit.. It’s all crappy memories.

So this year I have vowed not to be a recluse and in a shit ass mood..

this year will be quite different though, I don’t have my babies this Easter and that is new… very new, but their dad wanted to take them to the ocean and who can say no to that? I know they will have a blast ( or are having a blast) rather than being at home with my fake smile.

On a side note, I am down 2lbs this week!

2016-03-22 08.49.15

I have really been working out hard and my eating has been pretty damn good if I say so myself! I have been trying something new, I read a blog the other day about a girl who decided to give herself days, things that worked for HER and she ended up losing over 100lbs doing so! Not that I have 100 to lose but I would like to get rid of 30 of it for sure…

Anyway.. she has veggie days and meat and carb days..

So she doesn’t feel like she is being deprived, she knows she can wait one day.. So one day she will eat all fruits and veggies and the next she will add in meats and potatoes..

Hey bash it all you want but my thing is if it works for you and your body go for it!

One thing I liked about her story is she was bigger around the middle like me.

Anywhoo… Down 2lbs this week and I am happy about that!

Soo I found my house…..

Yup I did I found it.

Then I lost it.. or maybe it was never really mine.

My agent found this great house in this great neighborhood for a price that made you go okay whats wrong with it.. but it was a new construction! So I knew I would get lost so I ended up driving over about 45 minutes to early. So I decided to drive around in the area, and it seemed like it was exactly what we were looking for.. older, bigger lot and more square feet for way less than what our hood was going for.. So I ran across two of them, called the 1st went to look at it and well, it was built in 74 and maybe just a little to old for my taste.. plenty of room just someones grandmas house is all..  So then I met the agent at the other NEW house and it was gorg.. and best part you could see the lake!! Walked in the front door and you could spit on the back door *womp womp* So on to the other older house I saw.. called the agent and she said its pending but, the seller would entertain another bid if you loved it…

Please re read that last sentence..

done? maybe you should read it again…

okay last time.

Now, so I walk in and well…. I fell in love… open floor plan, vaulted ceilings for my Enormous Christmas tree I have to have, master down, 3 bedrooms up, huge kitchen wood floors over 3,000 square feet of beautifulness, under our price budget, corner lot and a freaking POOL!  I am like a kid in a candy shop at this point…. I call the husband and let him know I found it I found it!!

*imagine Sara on the The before time when she finds the promise land*



So I go home, talk to him more when he gets off work and he says yup put in an offer… I will come home this weekend we will bust ass pack our stuff finish the small stuff call Tomas and have him come paint next week and we will put ours on the market.

Whooooo!!!! this is totally happening!!!

Then bam..

” At this time the sellers are not accepting any new offers”




Are you kidding me?

Then whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did you tell me they were? I wouldn’t have even walked in to that glorious place id like to call home and have family christmas and pool parties and have grandbabies come see me in.. and drink my coffee on the roof so I can see the lake.. WHY!

I asked, that is why I asked… because last time I loved a house and couldn’t have it I was a brat for days..

This time is no different..

Back to the drawling board.


Five on Friday

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on January 8, 2016


It has been a hell of a week for me!

Super crazy busy but super amazingly awesome! So… Lets get on with it..

ONE:  I may or may not be a badass..


So about 4 months ago I was given an opportunity with a company to completely and udderly change my profession as well as maybe even my life. At first I was like okay this is not going to work and better yet I barley know what in the hell I am doing. Well…. I have to tell you it is one of the best decisions I have EVER made and I am in LOVE with my job.  Things are really starting to click with me and all come together and well you know like an AH HA! moment… I have now closed not one but TWO accounts this week, one being a really really really huge deal.  What is  the craziest part about it all is, I am just talking.. and being myself and not saying anything that I dont or cant back 110%. I love it.  So to celebrate we are going to have dinner tonight and I am super excited!

TWO:  Check check one two….

2016-01-07 20.32.28

So I finally got my sound equipment in yesterday and was playing with it for the podcast. At dinner I was asking the husband how excited he was about it and well….. if you know him he was just as excited to do this with me as he would be to watch paint dry… I am almost positive that unless it involved a deer,beer and shotgun this is how he feels about life in general. So… It’s called the His and Her shit show, but I am 98% positive that some days I will have to find another co-host because well because or change the name and make it mine and then just have him come in sporadically… I haven’t decided. I plan on getting him drunk tonight and getting more details.

Oh yeah I am that wife..

THREE:  So do I look any skinnier?

Well today was weight in day annndddddd *drum roll*

2016-01-08 13.50.08

Hey 2.5lbs is good for me! that is in 5 days. So I may not be dropping 10lbs a week but I am doing it the right way and as bad as that shit sucks.. I know it stays off that way. When I tell you I didnt cheat I really didn’t. I really didn’t even want to, and if I ate something I was unsure of I ate 1/2 of it. When really all I want to do is roll around in ranch and pizza rolls….

I am kinda sucking at this Fitbit this week though… I mean it’s just 10,000 steps but damn it if that doesn’t feel like as ass beating some days. This week has been nuts. But I am setting a goal for 10,000 each day next week for 7 days.

FOUR:  I am a Social Media whore….

So you know how I quit Facebook. Well that is going well and I dont miss it at all. But…. okay so maybe if I talk this out you will understand.

My blog… This is where I vent and talk and get it all out and I just love it, it’s my space..

Instagram…. Okay so I used to be obsessed with Instagram, post funny stuff etc. that was until my kids got old enough to have one and well.. I am not the most appropriate person on this planet. So I only post pics of my family, me the kids or a few quotes here and there. But I can’t be “me” there because now that my kids are older I have their friends and my friends kids on there to. I dont want to be that mom who says Asshole and the F bomb on the instagram.. So what it is now used for is making my family year books each year. That is it’s main purpose.

Snapchat…. So this is kinda like my blog its where I can say or do what the F I want and block any kids who try to add me and not feel guilty about it.

The Podcast.. Well that is a new thing… we will see how all that plays out.

FIVE:  I just cheated on my best good friend

So did anyone else watch the Lipsync battle between Channing and Jenna? 


Backstory: My best good friend went to school with Jenna…. Jenna stole her boyfriend and broke my best good friends heart. So I hate her… it’s what best good friends do. F Jenna… and plus I mean I am jelly of her anyways bc she was a backup dancer for Janet and well.. we all know that was my calling *hairflip*

So last night… I was watching and it was awesome. and I tweeted and tagged Jenna.. then after I did it, it was o late.. Mother F’er I have a twitter to! bahhahahahahahahahahahah


She was amazing and clearly won… and I bet their sex is magical.

Guilty Pleasures.. Ow Owwwwww

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on August 28, 2015

Well Hello Friday!

This week has been awesome. Everyone has been at school on time, dressed and I haven’t had to yell at Gaige to put deodorant on more than twice this week.. Pre Teen boys stink… esp pre teen boys who are in sports. Gag me…

I thought I would do a random link up.

Guilty Pleasures..

Oww Owww *wink *

2015-08-25 17.47.35

1.   My favorite new show of the moment is 

I got nothing….. I finished Dexter…… and I miss him.. and Debs potty mouth… I literally hate watching tv bc of this.. you cant end the show!! Cant you just stay on forever so we can see everyone get old like General Hospital?? I mean hello Luke Spencer! If he can die 12 times and come back why cant someone just keep a show on! But Id like SOA back if I have to pick.. Mmmm Jax.
2.   Something I am thankful for is 
My kids and all their madness and giggles and fights.. watching them grow up is a privilege.  Thankful for God, my healing back, the gym, pizza rolls, my ever beating heart that knocks me on my ass every once in a while to let me know it’s still alive and gypsy’d as ever…
3.  Something that made me laugh this week was  
I had two 6th grade boys at my house yesterday giggling.. YES giggling over calling two girls on Facetime.. I had NO idea that boys giggled about this stuff… ” I cant pick up look at my hair, you talk no you talk what do I say…”  I mean when I was in 6th and 7th they were so calm collected and acted like they didn’t give a shit.. I posted on facebook and had a mom of an ex boyfriend of mine tell me that he used to giggle, which in return made me giggle. Totally can’t imagine him giggling.. hahahaha makes me laugh just thinking about it.. Ahhh to be young…. I’d slap the shit out of myself..
4. An item that is currently on my wish list is 
I want a pair of boots… real ones… so I can be a real cowgirl and not a cheap one from Target..
5.  I am excited about  
2015-08-25 19.07.09
Gaige’s 1st baseball game!!!  I pray he knocks the shit out of a ball… not just for the team but for him, he totally needs that gratification.
6.  If I were a color I would be   

Today, green because it’s my favorite.
7.  My favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is
With my hair in a messy bun, oversized sweat pants that are normally not even mine, an off the shoulder shirt from bebe that Joyce gave me, a cup of coffee in hand and to tie it all in my nails painted a pretty deep red.
I hope you all have the best weekend ever. ever. ever

5 On Friday

Posted in Five on Friday
on July 31, 2015

So this week has totally been a whirl wind..

1. OH that’s cute….ish.


So yesterday I took some “progress” type pictures and really took them. You see I have this obsession…. like literally you may be obsessed with the scale but I am obsessed with pictures. You know to see if I have gained, lost whatever… maybe been one less roll? Who knows but I totally do it. I had a meeting with a coach friend of mine and we talked and the more I thought about it the more I was like you know what I need to REALLY take a picture, not in bathroom lighting, not holding the camera.

Well that was not cute.

I am NOT going to share it right now, maybe one day? maybe… but…. what was crazy is that girl I saw I have NO idea who she is… or how she got to where she is.. I mean its that bad.

Recovery is no joke.

All the meds and lack of movement holy hell has thrown my body in to lets name her…. Bertha. So our not so welcome friend Bertha needs to GTFO..

I cant wait to get my 3 day in the mail.. I think it should be here Monday.. I have been eating great but I just think it will take a few shocks to my body to get it going again.. Until then I will be busting my ass in the gym like every other day.

2.  My husband is going to kill me…


Well not in the Dexter type of way, more of the I ordered Cize and want to use the bog TV in the garage to make it a place I can do it and then maybe have friends over to do it with me type a way…

I loove to dance so I Think I am really going to enjoy this program and in my garage where I can sweat buckets!!

So who is coming over to dance with me in my garage???

3. Brain Dumping.


This last Sunday I brain dumped for the 1st time and its been magical.. I have been marking stuff off my list every day I’m super proud of myself…

Yeah for getting shit done.

4. Periscope & Social Media

I’m obsessed.


I am using this for fitness & team building and it’s super cool!

I am going to try and only use Facebook for business & fitness. So if you want my photography page you can go to:

Crystal Mayes Photography 

& for fitness stuff you can go here:

Crystal Michelles Mess

I just dont really like facebook… for personal stuff. I would just rather have instagram all the time & this blog..

5. The long Week.


My best friend, Amber was in a horrific AVT accident on July 26th.  She was out at her aunts house when the ATV flipped and landed on her. All of the blunt force trauma was to her head. Amber has currently undergone her 1st head/brain surgery and has sustained  a broken jaw, pallet in the mouth and both sides of her chin, hand, eye sockets, some internal bruising, large lacerations on her head as well as a few other injuries. Thank you to the surgeons as well as the Great lord above that she made it through the 1st surgery. She is the strongest person I know. We are not out of the woods yet, Amber is still in ICU, they took the breathing tube out now and she has been able to communicate.  She will go through more surgery on Monday.

Please continue to pray big prayers for her.

We are setting this account up to help Amber with medical and financial situations that she will soon face. We as a family would like her to worry about getting well for her babies not the bills that will add up.

Amber is not out of the woods yet & as you know life and bills do not stop just because we do. Our goal is to take care of the medical expenses as well as help her get on her feet after this is all said and done.

Updates will be posted to the Facebook Page Prayers For Amber

I know this explanation is cut and dry and for those of you who know me know this really isn’t my explanation of how I feel or how it is but honestly I am not really ready to go there.. yet. I will tell you my heart is broken, numb, scared but faithful and helpless… all rolled up in this big ball of what can I do?

All I can really do right now is pray and pray hard.

6. One to grow on


Can we talk about the bachelorette?

I mean, I kinda felt sorry for Nick… not going to lie, because I totally thought this season was “The Nick Show” and then in the end when she chose Shawn I pretty much went in to this girly, giggly awwwwwwww, fuck yeah I bet he rocked his over night, his voice is so sexy, and I would rub his abs all night, he looks so happy… girlish giggling thing…..

Needless to say I was totally happy!

OH and you know that picture I posted of them in bed??? Turns out that WAS leaked!! She accidentally sent it to her personal Snap Chat account instead of the producers!

Listen do I think she was a good Bachelorette? Not really.. I mean the show was ALL over the place… but I am glad she chose Shawn because I love him.. and Ben Z.

I’m Ben H will be the bachelor but I mean why not give it to Nick… hahahah Third times a charm?

Until you get to the fantasy sweet that is…

short man


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