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8 Hours in the car with 3 kids…

Each year we trade off on vacations.

Like one year we will do a small adult trip ( like Austin )  and a big kids trip ( Like Alabama ) so last year was the kids trip so this year it’s Mom & Dads big trip turn!

So this year we decided to tag team with a few friends and head on down to Port Aransas for a mini beach vacation Texas Style!

The drive down there seemed longer than driving to Alabama for some reason, I am pretty sure its because Texas is sooooooo big that you never get out of it when you are not trying to get out of it, if that makes sense… so there was no change in scenery… you knew you were still in Texas. The kids were not to bad the drive there or back, it’s crazy when they get older… no one shits their pants, has to pee to bad where they cant hold it, pukes or cries for no reason for an hour… Ahh how I do NOT miss the toddler days 🙂

The quaint house that we stayed in called the Church Street Cottage  was just perfect for everything we needed!

It was close enough to restaurants to walk, close enough to the beach to drive… I mean I guess you could have walked to the beach buttttt…. have we met?

I saw a bunch of people actually renting golf carts and driving pretty much the whole island with them.

We spent the majority of our five days doing pretty much nothing and loving it! We had two full beach days, one we had to cut short because of course…. Lillian got strep throat from church camp.. so that was fun. But Thankfully I have the best pediatrician in all the land Dr Dalton so he called in some antibiotics and so she was pretty much good the whole trip, all besides the one day she wasn’t.  The other beach day we stayed until everyone was fried… Luckily the babes are 1/2 Italian so fried is only for one day and then they turn that pretty golden brown… They always have contest but Sister ALWAYS wins…

Beach days are my favorite especially when my family is with me.

sand, ocean, country music, good ole’ captain & coke

Makes for a pretty amazing day.

Remember we are at a beach town and I hate sea food… so I was pretty full with cheese burgers and hush puppies… for five days. ( hahahaha) While Gaige and The Husband ate sea food pretty much three meals a day… and Gaige wanted to go by his favorite restaurant Castaways   to see if he could get an all you can eat fish and shrimp to go, I quickly told him he was crazy…

The husband took Gaige on his first charter fishing trip, and he LOVED it! He also  caught 4 trout and fed us the next night with what he caught!

4th of July was spent on the beach as well, then that night we went to Leah’s Step Dads dock and sat on a HUGE boat and watched a terrific fire works display! They had a HUGE spread of food as well as music.

It was perfect.

Oh and The husband in his Man Onsie…. got in the Port A newspaper… *cough* attention whore *cough* hahaha

We went to all of the shops, are proud parents of two hermit crabs… and took the obligatory picture inside the sharks mouth… I HAVE to find the old one of these three in the same spot for comparison…

To say we needed this is an understatement… I think the kids played their phones only at night, not because I told them they couldn’t but just because they didn’t want to… we played Uno.. the game that never ends…. and car games.. we re set as a family.

We re set as a husband and wife..

I am a firm believer in vacations, and not just because of vacations to get away but vacations to re set.. to remember whats important, to re set as a family… to get back to the root of things.. Its SO easy to get caught up in the hustle of being home.. My family is a bit closer every vacation we take.

I hope that as hey get older we find a spot that we go to each year as a whole to re set…

Husbands, wives, dogs and grandbabies…

Okay maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but… the thought of that makes my heart swell beyond measure..

My two cents while freezing my lack there of balls off

Would rather listen? Welp now you can!

So last month after I was sure/un-sure if I hurt myself I decided that I wanted to try something new and exciting.

I had heard of Kristi ( a girl I know whom rocks my socks off) go to a Cryo-Therapy place for her foot issues. I always see her check in and wanted to try it but then again why would I? I mean I was feeling great!

*eye roll* 

So after my injury, the first thing that came to mind was why not give it a go?

So I posted on Facebook and got a few referrals on where to go or how it was, can I just tell you how bad I hate Facebook for gossip and conversation but how much I appreciate it when you need a referral or think your going to lose your eye ball due to your new kitten scratching your cornea?

true story…. I have bad JuJu right now I guess…*shrugs*

Thank God she’s cute…. Meet Callie the Calico

A.D.D back on track.

So I decided that I was going to go to The Cry Spa Fort Worth and give it a try..

Listen ya’ll I am a chicken shit… Like I dont like to try any new medications, I dont like to try anything that is going to make me feel weird, not in control or whatever.. My anxiety goes from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds and I feel like I am dying…. true story

So when I went in to this spa, the ladies there made me feel so welcome and totally comfortable. I asked 101 questions and they were very calm with me and explained each thing I asked as well as how I would feel inside the chamber and what to look for..  You see I am the girl who would rather know EVERYTHING and be prepared for it all to happen than not know and it just happen and me think its weird..

So they take your blood pressure before you go back and then you get naked.. Ow Ow <3 You then place the socks that they provide for you on, a robe and then they hand you gloves..

So when you get in the room you take the robe off and get in the chamber.

Its literally like a stand up tanning bed with your head out of the top of it.. So its not scary at all…

You are in there a total of 3 minutes.

Not going to lie, I stepped out the first time after 2 minutes and 32 seconds.. I started freaking myself out because you start going numb and get all tingly, like your legs become heavy and they opened it up I stepped out and then stepped right back in to finish the 3 minutes.

You are cold…. but not like a Texas cold.. Its like a cold cold, which doesn’t make any more sense than what I said before does it.. hahahaha… I haven’t ever been cold like that before.. But it wasn’t an un bearable cold just like a its cold someone turn the fan off cold..

Anyways, after I got out I got dressed and didn’t feel much different.. I am not sure what I thought was suppose to happen in 3 minutes ( I mean I am pretty sure I got pregnant once in 3 minutes ) To Far?  I just laughed out loud I was kidding…. hahahahaha totally kidding. Anyways but I did expect to like sparkle in the sun or something…

But I didnt.

Welp, let me just tell you child…. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER, well maybe when I was 15 and or before I had kids.. slept so good in my entire life… ever… I woke up the next day a new woman.. I wasn’t stiff, I slept like a million bucks when I was waking up three and four times a night, and my limp from pain was very minimal! I also had more energy, normally I get tired mid day and for that whole week and the week after I didn’t “need” a nap or an extra coffee.

I went back that day and bought a 7 day pass and went all 7 days!

I highly recommend it and think it would be perfect for people with insomnia, MS, fibromialga or any arthritis or injury..

I will totally do it again and will consider getting a membership!

I will have to find one closer to home.. and it is pretty $$$ to “have” to do.. I would have to swap something out with it.. like no nails or pedis or something but it is pretty worth it!

If you haven’t tried it and have considered it I say go for it!

Let me know if you want me to go with you and I’ll hold your hand!

The tattoo guy finished my design…

With so much going on right now I have to wait to get it, I am thinking after our July 4th trip..

Its perfect. my water. my heart. music. and the coordinates

Have you ever watched this video…. Artist Marina Abramovic was doing a live art performance that consisted of spending one minute of silence with a complete stranger. Many people showed up, but her response to one person in particular gave me the goosebumps, and you’ll soon see why. She hasn’t seen him in 30 years… They left eachother with one last embrace at the great wall of China.

Talk about goosebumps


Being Social In the Spring

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on March 21, 2017

Spring is here Spring is here!

I swear I thought I would be skinnier by the time it got here. Hahaha I mean I have to laugh because um Target can kiss my fat ass with all the bathing suits they have out right now… Have yall ever picked up a size small and looked at it? pretty sure it could fit Lillian…

I had the stomach bug last week for four LONG days. remember those times that you said ” I am the stomach flu away from my goal weight” well that’s not that funny when it finally happens to you. NO goal weight reached which was a double wammy.

Finally I started feeling better on Sunday and so the husband and I decided to get some yard work done & I had a great idea of two swings on our back porch that he totally made come to life <3

Our new swings ❤️

I used to be crazy obsessed with reading blogs. I am pretty sure everything that I was obsessed with that actually took time out of my day had to do with me not working, or wait working but doing photography and staying at home with my last little.

Ah, I wonder if I have ever told my husband thank you for allowing me to soak up that time with her? Hmmm I highly doubt it maybe I will do that.

Now she is all big and stuff… *sniff sniff*


Random I know.

Anyways, with me blogging a bit more I started to remember all the blogs I used to follow and love to read, then I remembered that I used to have a website I went to called Bloglovin’ that I had all of my blogs on one page and I would read them at night or when I was in the tub. So I went and logged on there today and low and behold most of my blog friends have stopped blogging..

Except for Skinny Meg and I have no idea how that gal keeps up with so many social media outlets.. Good for her!

Ohh man I used to love hose fill in the blank Friday blogs.

I constantly struggle with the want to simplify and the need to stay connected. Am I the only one?

Like Facebook…. listen y’all I hate it, I really do and I rarely try to use the word hate but I dont like it… I mean I rarely get on there and think, ” Wow I sure am glad I logged on to Facebook today!” I mean do you?  Here is the kicker…. mostly every app I have or use or pay for is connected to that damn thing. Like Spotify, want to delete Facebook welp, prepare to lose all your music, yes even if you have a premium account and pay for it. That is just one of the ones to name a few, and not to mention it has so many dang pictures on there that are ONLY on Facebook which I highly regret most days when I stop to think about it.  I do in fact like it for High School Reunion stuff, the quick dinner ideas or just asking a question to your friends list like where to buy this or that… it comes in handy. Gaige has been asking for a Facebook but I am going to dodge that bullet as long as I possibly can.

Then I have Instagram, which is my favorite app of them all, Instagram is just pictures and quotes and mostly just happy pictures or funny ones.. at the end of each year I print out a Family Year book and it truly makes me happy. Plus I allow my kids to have an Instagram, so I can stalk them duh….. So I keep it pretty clean or try to…  I today actually decided that I was going to make a “sister” instagram account for all my fitness stuff… You may think its silly but for me, well at the end of the year you dont know how annoying it is going through pictures of me at the gym or food just to find the sweet picture of Lillian picking her nose and eating her boogers 🙂 So I have one just for me and my fitness journey.

Then I have a Snapchat, so I can say fuck.

Pretty simple.

How awful is that huh, hahahahaha. I am almost positive that Snapchat will die out for me, it kinda already is…  I will miss the skinny filter though once I do divorce it.

Want it? Come here let me lick you..

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on February 5, 2017

Y’all…. I have totally forgotten what it was like to have a new born, and yet I do not have a new born I will say that having a kid with the flu is just as bad I think… My poor Briysen started getting sick on Sunday and it just took him by the hair and made him his B****.

There is not much worse than seeing your baby sick, I mean you want them to feel better and all you can do is all you can do. So about 6 days of sleeping on the couch waking up every 4 hours for Tylenol and a breathing treatment and then 2 hours later waking up for Motrin  this mama was pooped! Not to mention trying to get Briysen to eat was awful and he needs to eat anyways, he probably lost a good 5-8lbs…

Today is day 8 and he is FINALLY feeling better! he has a pretty nasty cough still but the fever and body aches are gone!

We may try to attempt school tomorrow but we shall see when he wakes up.. I am 80% sure that he will call me to go and get him, not because he is still sick but because he has 0 energy.

Luckily I have managed to keep him in his room so, so far so good on no one else getting it *fingers crossed*

On the flip side of things I had the honor of taking Gaige to his first Mavs game!

We both had a blast and the Mavs kicked major ass!

Such a great game!! The Teen & I had a blast at the Mavs game ❤️ It was a PERFECT game for his first Mavs Game!!! Mavs win 104 to 97!!!

Speaking of ass… never noticed how HUGE Lebron James is…. Like almost not fair to play. He just walks up to the hoop and its like nothin’….. dunk.

So much fun….

As far as my eating and working out this week… yep they have been non exsistant and I can totally feel the difference. I am swollen from not drinking water and I am super sleepy from not eating right, eating like shit or eating just not like I should… Super bummed but no bigs.. I am back on track as of tomorrow morning.

I did step on the scale and I am still the same so that’s a plus..

My heart has been achy lately… its super gay when it does this..

I hate it….

Buut I am going to see 50 Shades Darker on Thursday <3 I just finished the book ( for the 2nd time) on Friday …… Gotta love when he tells her to take off her panties at the restaurant <3 Hey he holds her door open when she gets in the car.. 🙂 He’s a gentleman <3


30 days down 60 to go

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on January 23, 2017

So some of you know that I started with a trainer, not my trainer because for some reason he doesn’t want to be called a trainer but wants to tell me I cant eat riced cauliflower or wants to boss me around and make me go back in the sauna… My non trainer K… 30 days ago. He wanted to see if he had what it took to transform a body and welp what in the hell do you know I had a body that I could offer up! Hahaha! So I thought I would kinda review how the first 30 days went..

Before I started I ate whatever I wanted to eat, mostly what I thought I may crave.. Mexican Food, Cereal , chips and hot sauce and a Margarita.. Therefore I could go through and not really crave them because I already had eaten them.. Sounds silly to most, but I have done this before and know that a mass majority of your cravings is you just being mind fucked by your own self.

Excuse the F bombs..

So after that I was ready to go.

I have to say I was scared, I mean I had surgery two years ago and when I tell you that took my life to a halt I mean it took my life to a complete stop. I couldn’t workout anymore, dance anymore and stuff as stupid as riding rides at 6 flags or going down water slides was risky…

I have done everything I can to do not to re hurt myself.. and I think that has hurt me in more ways than one for the bad rather than the good.

Scar tissue builds up and is way harder to stretch out.

So as of the first 30 days I was training 5 days a week. Now I know how to work out so at the start of this I was a slightly skeptical because how I am used to working out is NOT how K works out.. When I go to the gym I have a small note card I go off of, I put my ear buds in and turn my volume on loud and get to sweatin’… This time around actually working out with someone I have to pay attention and I rarely know the next step. This also includes only having one ear bud in.. or me putting both in and K pulling one out so I can hear him.. So annoying 🙂 Also, this involves being in a different “zone” When I workout alone I listen to the music and that’s about it.. when I work out with K I hear him and pay attention to the individual muscle we are working that day.. Until it gets to heavy or hard and he tells me to put both in, get lost in the music and not pay attention to what I am lifting.

At first I didnt know if I would like it, but after 30 days I can tell you I enjoy it.. maybe I like getting bossed around a bit who knew!

Leah has also been at the gym with me each and every day even on days we haven’t wanted to come. I think missed one day because of my back but we really didn’t miss it because we picked up Friday instead. She motivates the shit out of me anddddddddddddd her traps yall….. I never wanted them until I see her shit poppin’ up like no ones business. She is awesome. She also looks out for me, if she sees I am hurting she makes me stop, if she sees I am hurting because it fucking hurts she reminds me of how skinny we are going to be & gives me the motivation to push on 🙂 She dances and listens to the same music I do and dodges K with me whenever we need to.. which is quite funny.

The dedication part for me isnt hard, the eating part gets hard some days.. My body is just kinda strange to what works for it and what doesn’t. So when I told K I would give him 90 full days and I gave him my word, I meant it.. So 30 down and 60 more to go.

The only parts that I haven’t liked at all is, for some reason leaving the gym I feel sick.. especially on hard days. One day I started getting super light headed and had to talk myself in to knowing that I was okay and stopped at the store to get me a Gatorade. Another day I went home and my anxiety level was through the roof and my heart started going fast and then slow and I had to make myself just lay down and go to sleep… That day was a hard core day though and I hadn’t eaten enough that day I know that for sure.  But when I work myself out I leave sore, sweaty but feel good.. when I leave the gym now I am exhausted and sick and want to go home take a bath and go to bed asap.. Like if there was anything to really go do after the gym I would be out there is no way I could go. So that is strange to me.. I’ve googled it and it says my blood sugar maybe not enough sugar, electrolytes ( which would make since because if I drink a Gatorade I feel better)  or dehydration or OVER hydrating..

So not sure.

Oh and…. I lost my boobs. They were the 1st to go.  My bras are now half full to where the hubs saw and said what wait what the hell…. and then told me I had to go buy new bras because mine looked silly… like I was wearing my moms bra.

Good thing I can buy those suckers.

So in 30 days I am down:

Total: 15lbs

Monthly: 10lbs

Inches: 9.5 all over

So Monday starts the next 30 and that will end on February 21st.

Oh and for those asking yes the sweat belts work.. & if you wear them to spin you look like you pissed your pants.

You’re welcome


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