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on July 19, 2017

One of my 1st pictures on this blog. Briysen & The girl who tanned Sharing old pics on this blog..

 I for real think I have had a blog since I was pregnant with Gaige. At one time it was called something else then after attending a conference on the “rules of blogging” I then and there decided I have never been much of a “rule follower” especially when it comes to my heart and brain that I would just toss it up to be about everything and call it Crystal Michelle’s Mess.

About twice a month I will get an email from someone who reads the blog or has come across it and asks me how I got started, how I stay afloat and do I make money from the blog, so I thought I would give you a few tid bits on my in’s and outs of blogging.

I need it ALLLLLL & Topic

So you will find some really impressive blogs out there.. Listen Linda, all you really need at this point is a web domain and an idea.. I mean why do you want a blog anyway? This is the biggest question of them all… Are you in to fitness and have a ton of weight to lose? Are you a  breastfeeding mom? Have a shopping problem, and love fashion? Travel a lot ? Or… Like me, you just have entirely to much to say and spent a majority of your day behind a desk or talking to small ears that you cant say Fuck in front of and feel comfortable..

See I really just come here to cuss…

But really this is going to be how you get your audience, if you even want one.. some people just need a place to “be” and others blog to create something bigger.

I have to be honest.. that has been a struggle that I have faced more than once… Should I turn mine into a fitness blog? Then I tried to for a split second and started getting hate mail of why I dont write anymore. Plus, lets be honest, I am not that “fit” anyways I have always been “fitish” with a side of fries… To where I have kinda sorta come to terms with this just being my place. I will prob never have a large audience and thats okay! Plus I have seen what internet trolls do to people and um no thanks.

I wouldn’t spend to much time or money in to making it something you don’t even know that you like… or don’t like for that matter! GO to a free site like like blogger and get you a small free blog and see if it tickles your fancy! IF it does and you start to really enjoy it then you can always move on to bigger and better things.. It can be expensive if you think you have to have it all right now.

Being under a microscope 

This can be good and bad.

Good you have people that read your shit now.

Bad you have people that read your shit now.

The art of blogging is sometimes to be brutally honest, no one wants to read blogs with no meat… kinda like this one, hahaha anyone who hasn’t wanted to start a blog isn’t reading anymore..

Putting your life out there is scary sometimes especially when you feel pulled to write about it. Normally those are the times you are vulnerable and think I cant be the only one who goes through this… It takes ONE right share for shit to go viral on the internet now. Then boom you have people reading from 60 weeks back and now you have something shared that gets CPS called on you because you write about hitting your kid in the head with a door on accident and she had to get stitches…. Or it goes the other way and you end up on Ellen… then there is that… I guess.  I have seen people get divorced because of shit they shared on their blogs and friendships breakup.

I know you are giggling but its seriously part of your life you are offering.

You have to be ready for that, your spouse has to be ready for that or you have to have an agreement of what you will and wont share.

Making Money

I really haven’t dove in to this much.. I mean I have gotten free stuff to try here and there but I haven’t ever written a sponsored post and have turned down quite a few.. BUT that isn’t for everyone! If something came across that I would, then I would…. but I am not going to drink fit tea and tell you its how I lost weight because they pay me 100 bucks…. Not how I work, but you can and some do! Most of the time when people make money from blogs it’s because they sell something or have such a large following  that they have sponsored post.


I mean I like money, someone pass the hair gummy people my name.

The few rules I do-ish follow…

Post in the mornings EARLY or at night at 8/9ish… that is when people wake up or are relaxing for the day

Pictures. add them.

Make a I am going to post a blog days… ( I totally suck lama balls at this)

Get a hash tag

Post your blogs on your social media sites… ( this is when you start having diarrhea because people you know will read your shit.. and judge you….)

My Advice.

I love my blog….

It’s not huge, ( thats what she said) but its mine.

I wish some days I didn’t have people I know read it so I could say when and what I wanted to but that is something that I will get over eventually and just say it and not care.. If you feel passionate to write do it, what EVER you feel passionate about I say do it. Start small, figure out what you want your blog to be called and just start writing..


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    I like your blog and it’s nice when it pops up among bills and important emails! 🍻 Cheers!

    July 19, 2017 at 10:22 pm
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