So guess who missed 5 days…

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on June 9, 2017

Would you rather listen? now you can!

That would be me…

I have excuses though.

Remember my last blog about never drinking again? Well that night I landed myself in the emergency room. Turns out my 2 ibuprofen in the morning and three at night every day for 3 weeks is frowned upon, then once you throw two days of drinking in with it you land in the hospital with a stomach ulcer.

So that has been super fun…

Sunday I knew I was hungover, but I had never had my stomach burn like it was… like I felt like I had an iv of fireball going straight to my gut…

So I took myself in and pretty much they told me your SOL ( in Texas that is shit out of luck ) and you will have to eat a bland diet and drink Mallox like its going out of style and of yeah no more NSAID’s…

I tried to make a joke when I was there by saying ” At least it wasn’t Vicodin” butttt the doctor didn’t think I was funny at all..

With the pain I have been having in my back its the ONLY think that takes the pain away..

But that’s no more.. .got it.

Vicodin it is!

Hahaha only kidding only kidding.

We will touch on the back bullshit after I see the doctor again on Tuesday.. I had an appointment & x-ray & then an MRI to catch you up to speed.




So last weekend was SOOOOO fun, not ulcer fun but close..

Friday night we met Amy & her family from out of town out at The White Elephant, crazy I am from Fort Worth and have never been to this place.. Its like a dive that isn’t a dive at all but not crowded with a live band annnnddd there are hats dedicated to people “retired hats” on the ceilings and all over the walls. Super cool! Amy’s dad has a hat on the wall! So I kinda feel special knowing someones hat there!

This past weekend was full of music, which I LOVE more than anything!

This band was an old man 70’s style rock band that was pretty good! The guy on the guitar played Stevie Ray Von to a T and that my friends is hard for me to say about many people… He played a solo and dedicated it to his daughter and she came out ( late 20’s ) and danced on the dance floor while he WAALLEEEDDDD on the guitar. Loved it…  got pretty emotional, went up to her and told her how much she should appreciate that.. pretty sure she thought I was crazy.

The next night we went out for The Husbands 41st birthday party.

We went to eat and had a blast ( this is when I started feeling sick) but I drank through it thinking it was a hangover.

So smart. I know….

Another night of bands.

The first band was The Rare Birds from Austin, Texas.

Y’all… they totally rocked out. The bass player was like a young Prince.. and then I found out from the drummer that he could play any and every instrument. Which is a freaking awesome talent to have.  Its just the way they played.. it’s like it was music and not just bullshit, if that makes any sense.

I got a shirt, an ass chewing but a shirt 🙂

Then I saw a guy from school Tony and he was in the next band!

You can see his Facebook HERE

He was telling me he jams full time and that is freaking amazing!

I love to hear about people doing what they love to do and getting to do it everyday as a “job”

Random I think I want to open a breakfast place..

Hahaha add that to “crystal needs to calm down ” list..

But we had a blast with all of our friends.

Then carried over the fun for some awful waffle at 3am

The ulcer is suppose to heal in 3-8 weeks so…. see you then?

F. me.

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