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on June 2, 2017

Don’t want to read? Rather listen? Now you can!

Ahhhhh Fri-nally!

This week has FLOWN by but has totally dragged ass if it can do both. So to take up some space I am going to do 5 on Friday, on Friday’s this is where I give a recap and touch on five things throughout the week.

Schoooollllssss out for summmeerrrrrr

6th 2nd and 7th

This school year has seriously flown by! If you remember we bought our house a year ago ( a few days ago) and I was super worried about the kids starting a new school, if they would make friends, them walking home and so on and so on. I swear I blinked and they are done! I can NOT say enough about Saginaw school district, and that is me coming from “the best” which is Keller. I have to tell you I would pick Saginaw ISD over Keller ISD every day of the week. If you have a perfect kid, Keller will be great for you, if you have a kid that struggles, steer clear, just my opinion. But, Gaige is going to 8th freaking grade……. 8th grade! This is the LAST year in middle school before I have a kid in high school…. I may or may not have wanted to breath in a paper bag a few times when I let that sink in… then you have the I met his dad when we were in 8th grade… the summer going to 8th grade, thats when the whole “boy” thing got serious, and I was a late bloomer! Which means everyone was kissing and stuff way before I was… soooo that is what “stage” we are in, and its fucking scary… He is a GREAT kid though so I am not to worried.. Briysen will be in 7th and is SOOOOOO excited about middle school football, and ummm I am to! No more Pee Wee games late on Saturday nights or practice 6 days a week!! That makes me uber happy… They are both doing conditioning camp this summer, so that will be good! Lillian will be going to 3rd so I am still soaking up all the elementary stuff and will keep doing it..

Time goes by so fast and they are getting bigger but ummmm I totally still feel young ( most days. )

Summer camps, church camps, day training, vacation… all of it. Oh and eating me out of house and home….  Not ready for that.

My Hair.

So today I went in to get my hair done and my gray covered up…

Y’all… I would be full gray if I didnt cover it up, I confirmed it with heather today.

Full gray.

Thanks Mom & Dad.

And next time I am chopping it all off I have decided…. I know I know I struggle with this sooo bad but, I have VERY thin hair like old lady thin, so the length is the length it is but we had to put some “filler” extensions in and I have been letting it grow then filling it in for a while year, and I am totally ready to wash my hair normal and put my hands through it without feeling an extension. I totally could leave it the length it is with out the extensions but then it will be see thru and gross… so its either keep them or cut it and I think after a year I am ready for fun hair for a while.

I will totally regret it I already know.

My fucking back.

So, I am not sure if I blogged about it or not but… 2 weeks ago I did a dance class and a yoga class in the same day and did something to my back… to the point where I havent been to the gym but once ( this week) in two weeks, had to pause my dance class and take meds I went from being un able to sleep at all, to on the floor, to cant tie my shoe to now I am able to bring my stretch deeper and I hurt but I am not in “pain” unless I try and go to sleep at night… then I have to roll and roll until I find a place I can stand it and fall asleep. I have taken relaxers, meds, ice, heat , massage you name it.. and its still there. So this next week I have an appointment on Tuesday to go to he dr to get on steroids and get an MRI :/  Although its better, its still not “okay” and I need the MRI to show me if its just pissed at me or if I have re-herniated… and tbh, at that point if I did infact really hurt myself again I dont know what I will do.. because I dont think I am up for a surgery #2… Before I didnt want to try anything else I wanted to say fuck it, fix it and then I will heal… this time, I think I will try other options IF i infact did hurt it again…

Its so annoying and stupid.

And I was in my happy place teaching dance… and Im super scared that will just get ripped away form me again.

but I am praying it wont.

Book of Faces

On a hyadis ( how do you spell that ) After this whole birthday thing is said and done it is taking the back seat.

I am addicted.

So as many of you know, that know me I dont like tv… and it takes a lot to get me to get “into” a show. Like the shows I have watched are: Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Orange is the New Black and This is Us. Like finished from start to end ( well this is us isn’t ending but you get it)

So my girl friend Heather told me about a show a few months ago that she loved and this week when I was going to the gym, I needed something to bide my time while I walked on the treadmill so I wouldn’t want to go lift weights.. ( I wanted to see how walking and elliptical and bike felt first) So I went ahead and downloaded Amazon Prime Video and started watching Animal Kingdom

Oh Honey.

If my list of shows looks like your list of shows you need to go watch season one and the 2nd season JUST started Wednesday on TNT….

Think SOA but instead of bikers, it’s surfers… with a mom more fucked up than Gemma.

And just so we are clear that I called him first, Craig is mine <3 Something about that boy…

You’re welcome.

Need something to listen to while you drive to work? Welp, now you can listen to my blog instead of read it! Follow me on Podbean HERE  Its just me reading the blog, plus I forget some stuff so there is extra added 🙂 I am hoping one day that I can actually have a Podcast! But that is way down the line..


  • Reply Justin

    Hey I was following your blog. I had the same surgery in Oct and reherniated new years day about as large as yours. My Dr told me to try steroid shots and it could go away. Well advil and steroids knocked it down for almost 2 months then it completely blew out. I instantly lost reflex in my ankle and foot and most of the strength. The pain of a complete blow out plus the scar tissue on top of it was insane. I had the revision suregry March 7th and I’m sloooooooowly recovering. Wish I would have done it in January. I just got an mri because I still feel like shit but apparently I’m still good. Just be heads up and know it takes waaaaay long to heal from a revision especially if it blows and crushes your nerve.

    June 18, 2017 at 12:20 am
    • Reply Crystal Michelle


      Thanks for scaring the shit out of me hahahaha I know I am going to have surgery eventually, I just want to wait until after summer for my kids.. So I am thinking September.. Do you know what you were doing to blow it out?

      June 18, 2017 at 12:49 pm
      • Reply Justin

        Leaning over a sink legs locked and putting my hands on my face

        June 18, 2017 at 1:22 pm
        • Reply Crystal Michelle

          That is crazy… I am almost positive I did mine bending forward in Yoga… Couldnt move the next day. I have heard some crazy stories of people sneezing, picking up a shoe and coughing to re herniate. How is your foot doing? Have you gotten the mobility back? Its all scary… you have some people who re herniate and never get it fixed and then people like you.. I guess the body does what it wants to do.. In the meantime for me I may try an injection, I never have… then diet and planks… lots of planks to strengthen my core ( prob to late ) It all just fucking sucks if Im honest.. I finally got to the “Im not scared to do this or that” part and now I second guess myself with ever bend I make… I hate HATE living in fear.. that pain is no fucking joke.

          June 19, 2017 at 2:52 am
          • Justin

            I have almost no mobility, I can hardly bend I still have major back pain. I get jolted still every few weeks. I’m 100 days or so out of surgery. My numbness and weak foot are getting better prob 80 to 85% recovered. The hard part is the back pain and tightness and the fear. I will forever be scared to move

            June 20, 2017 at 2:12 am
          • Crystal Michelle

            I am so sorry Justin I hate that for you.. I TOTALLY understand it, but I dont hate it any less. See I have never had “back pain” mine has always been leg and butt.. As a matter of fact before my 1st surgery they did an angeogram ( sp? ) of my hip and then did my back. Because all my pain is hip and right buttcheek. Well I am praying for you friend.. Pain sucks a big fat dick ( sorry so vulgar but truth is in vulgarity sometimes) IF you ever need to yell or cuss or cry.. I get it hit me up.

            June 20, 2017 at 2:41 am

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