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So while I was doing my once a week looksie of the good ole’ blog world I ran across one of my fave bloggers Two Thirds Hazel and she had this great idea to start a Cosmo kind of quiz! I mean I know that when I was younger I used to LOVE cosmo.. and read all the dirt of Sex, Make-Up and what to wear. Mostly Sex though… I mean how many issues can you have of 100 ways to please your man.. or whatever… New positions, confessions of a Sexaholic..

I just giggled.

Anywhoo, so I thought I would play along with her link up! Here are the deets! The link to download the sheet is HERE fill it in and post it in your blog! Link up here and then head on over to Two Thirds Hazel  & Show her some love as well by linking up!! I mean it was totes her idea!! Plus you will get to read why she is so fab!


So make sure you link up on both sites!

I can’t wait to read about you girls!!


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