Pretty much feel like I am dying…soooooo

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on March 23, 2017

I can not believe that the end of the 90 days is next week… this freaks me out.

Makes part of me sad because, well I fell off for about a week and the other part of me happy because about 80% of it was me staying on track.

I am pretty angry about a few things… I will blog all about it when its said and done.

I will also post before and after pics so you can see the transformation.

So I have decided to start running, and no not for time or marathons or anything but just to wake up and take Charlie and go for a run. You see, running and dancing are two things that I have had such a hard time with after surgery, and I am pretty sure that I am not suppose to be running, but then again I don’t even know what that means.

So I ran for two days, and it felt GREAT! I would walk around the block and then I would run the straights walk the curves and will continue to do that until I can run the whole thing. I have this weird breathing thing, like I cant control my breath and yes.. I have tried every technique anyone has told me to and welp, pretty much I feel like I am dying sooo they all suck. 🙂 I am taking today off from running because yesterday my hip/back was giving me some pretty tell tell signs of whoa girl you need to slow your roll.. So I am giving my body a day to recover and will prob continue to do so.. 2 days on 2 days off to see if that gives it time to be okay until I can run every day.

Charlie has been GREAT! I mean I knew he would but I swear I love him so much and he is the best running buddy ever!

Texas has been so freaking crazy, it was freezing cold last week and this week its like July… So yesterday I had to go take Lillian to get Summer clothes because God has blessed her with my legs and this means her shorts from last year basically look like panties :/  So she is all set and ready to go I think, one down two to go and an empty pocket book.. While I was shopping though I saw this shirt and well duh I had to get it! Also, I was cracking myself up all night and the husband was SUPER annoyed….. I kept on saying “why because I never….land?”  He said I am going to throw you in the back of the truck if you dont shut up… I said its okay go ahead and throw me because I’ll never land anyways..

May not be funny now but it sure was yesterday.

We went to the gym yesterday and did Core and Cardio….

My core is very weak but more than that it rarely gets sore from core workouts… they hurt my back more than anything.

I am pretty excited to go to the dr next week and see what he has to say about muscle repair and to see if I am a good candidate for it.

Like how I just threw that in there like its no big deal?

You can follow my journey on this blog & HERE

Being Social In the Spring

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on March 21, 2017

Spring is here Spring is here!

I swear I thought I would be skinnier by the time it got here. Hahaha I mean I have to laugh because um Target can kiss my fat ass with all the bathing suits they have out right now… Have yall ever picked up a size small and looked at it? pretty sure it could fit Lillian…

I had the stomach bug last week for four LONG days. remember those times that you said ” I am the stomach flu away from my goal weight” well that’s not that funny when it finally happens to you. NO goal weight reached which was a double wammy.

Finally I started feeling better on Sunday and so the husband and I decided to get some yard work done & I had a great idea of two swings on our back porch that he totally made come to life <3

Our new swings ❤️

I used to be crazy obsessed with reading blogs. I am pretty sure everything that I was obsessed with that actually took time out of my day had to do with me not working, or wait working but doing photography and staying at home with my last little.

Ah, I wonder if I have ever told my husband thank you for allowing me to soak up that time with her? Hmmm I highly doubt it maybe I will do that.

Now she is all big and stuff… *sniff sniff*


Random I know.

Anyways, with me blogging a bit more I started to remember all the blogs I used to follow and love to read, then I remembered that I used to have a website I went to called Bloglovin’ that I had all of my blogs on one page and I would read them at night or when I was in the tub. So I went and logged on there today and low and behold most of my blog friends have stopped blogging..

Except for Skinny Meg and I have no idea how that gal keeps up with so many social media outlets.. Good for her!

Ohh man I used to love hose fill in the blank Friday blogs.

I constantly struggle with the want to simplify and the need to stay connected. Am I the only one?

Like Facebook…. listen y’all I hate it, I really do and I rarely try to use the word hate but I dont like it… I mean I rarely get on there and think, ” Wow I sure am glad I logged on to Facebook today!” I mean do you?  Here is the kicker…. mostly every app I have or use or pay for is connected to that damn thing. Like Spotify, want to delete Facebook welp, prepare to lose all your music, yes even if you have a premium account and pay for it. That is just one of the ones to name a few, and not to mention it has so many dang pictures on there that are ONLY on Facebook which I highly regret most days when I stop to think about it.  I do in fact like it for High School Reunion stuff, the quick dinner ideas or just asking a question to your friends list like where to buy this or that… it comes in handy. Gaige has been asking for a Facebook but I am going to dodge that bullet as long as I possibly can.

Then I have Instagram, which is my favorite app of them all, Instagram is just pictures and quotes and mostly just happy pictures or funny ones.. at the end of each year I print out a Family Year book and it truly makes me happy. Plus I allow my kids to have an Instagram, so I can stalk them duh….. So I keep it pretty clean or try to…  I today actually decided that I was going to make a “sister” instagram account for all my fitness stuff… You may think its silly but for me, well at the end of the year you dont know how annoying it is going through pictures of me at the gym or food just to find the sweet picture of Lillian picking her nose and eating her boogers 🙂 So I have one just for me and my fitness journey.

Then I have a Snapchat, so I can say fuck.

Pretty simple.

How awful is that huh, hahahahaha. I am almost positive that Snapchat will die out for me, it kinda already is…  I will miss the skinny filter though once I do divorce it.

Maybe, I am a street walker who needs a large back seat

I can not believe that Joyce will be here in like 5 minutes… can she hurry the F up already?

*insert 1000* oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh….#texifornication #BringingCalitoTexas #hurryupalready @joycewrightcuneo 26 Days!

I can not believe I am almost done with my 90 days.. that is CRAZY to me…

But I am, and I have had highs and lows to this whole process.

Meaning I have downed a gallon of water daily then other days had one glass of water and barley anything to eat…. I have learned a lot about myself and I am excited to share it all with everyone when this is all said and done.

But for now I am still kicking ass and taking names, the husband today actually hurt my feelers a bit… I was talking about something and he said that I wasn’t as determined and had a lot of “fuck ups” lately. As bad as it made me want to say um what the Fruck did you just say to me….. I didn’t because I knew he was right.  This plays in to “what I have learned about myself ” blog… buthe was right, and I hugged him tonight and actually told him thank you for hurting my feelings… because its not “too late” where I would have to start all over again, I have just been lazy on a few things.. when normally I wouldn’t even take a bite of something, now I am like ehh it wont hurt…

not good.

Esp… for a binge eater.

I have gotten out of my comfort zone to!!!

I did tire jumps as well as leg press ( light weight stop worrying Amy) was I sore the next day? Yes…. did it go away? yes…. which is good!!

Last week was an awesome week for me, I signed a really HUGE account for my company that could potentially be life changing for me if the cards are played right… Had an awesome social event and met with two doctors that I have to meet with again this next week because they want all their business transferred over to me. Not saying its a big deal but its kinda a big deal…



Lillians friend Abby stayed the night two nights in a row and I just love her.. they get along so freaking great makes me sad I didn’t double up with her like I did the boys ( since that was on purpose hahahaha) you know had one back to back…. I have really been tossing around the idea of adoption, I want another girl…. I want Lillian to have a sister…. I always wanted a sister. I mean I had one but that is a whole other blog y’all… Anyway, I have mentioned it to the husband 2,402 times and each time he tells me and um hell no. I dont know if he thinks I am not serious or what but I totally am… I mean I would prefer her to be like 6 but part of me wants a baby…. then again if she was a baby it would be to long for them to bond and that would be selfishly for me…. because I want to sniff babies and rock them and pat their butts… Does anyone want to have a baby with me?? Ba-Jesus.

I know it sounds strange I just feel like I need one more to love.

Maybe this one can look like me and have brown hair? Hahahaha for real yall.

Doubt I will ever get to adopt but I would really love to.

How in the heck dd this turn in to me wanting a baby? Dear Period Gods, Hurry up before I get a wild hair and get some more kids!

Oh and I got a new car!

*insert the price is right announcer*

Its a very long story, but if you know me I could drive a pinto if it had good gas mileage and could get me from point A to point B fast enough! My little Black Betty blew up…. ( I think the car place did it honestly… long story) but she blew up and had to get a new motor…. The guy who fixed my car is a peach <3 but he told me as bad as I didnt want to ( an my freaking car was going to be paid off in like 3 freaking days!!!) that I needed to trade her in, she wasnt safe for my line of work ( sounds like I am a street walker who needs a large back seat LMFAO!)

So I went to look around and fell in love with

Vannah….. Vannah White…

I have never been a new car kinda gal but….. *hair flip* I just may be now… she is awesome and I love her.

Oh and….. I have some other news to…… coming soon.

Oh and pss…. yes I am off of Facebook, I deleted it as far as I could… my Spotify is connected to it and well it wont let me deactivate which is bullshit. Love you mean it and if you need me you know where I’ll be <3

Drink Drank Drunk & 2 shows later

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on February 13, 2017

So this weekend was the kids dad weekend so, normally when this happens its my let loose weekend. This means one of two things… 1. I lay in my pjs all weekend eat a medium pizza and basically do nothing for 3 days… and then miss them and whine about not having them here with me.. or 2. I act like I have a life and get out.

So on Thursday Fifty Shades Darker came out and welp, I bought my tickets a few days ago and so I was sooooooooooooooo excited to go see it! I just finished the book for the 2nd time last Friday and so I was freshened up.  I was like a damn kid… I love me some Christian and I love the series. And I may or may not have seen it twice…. once Thursday and once Friday. Im laughing over here…

But in my defense, I think it was a good idea! If you have read the book I recommend seeing it twice! Becaaaaauuuseeeeee, the first time I watched it I was so worried about what they were going to leave out and what came next ( giggling ) that I wasn’t watching the movie.. if that makes sense.. so the 2nd time I watched it I LOVED it!!! The acting was way better in this one and you felt like you knew the characters better. I mean its kinda like comparing the 1st twilight to any of the other ones… Anywhoo… I loved it, a few of my fave parts were.. The first time they kissed and they both let out this huge sigh of like  “finally” like they hadn’t had air in quite some time…  Then the next is when they are in the kitchen and he says ” I know what you are doing Anastasia all you have to do is ask.. and then they make the way to the bedroom and he says Anastasia if this is going to work your going to have to communicate.. Y’all……… and of course the Ben Wah Balls scene.  I’d see it again, so I guess I love it… Im not going to, but I would… Instead I am starting the 3rd book tomorrow or tonight.

OHHHHHHH BUTTTTTTTT do not leave! wait for the credits to roll… that’s all I will say and your are welcome.

The hubs and I went to the gym on Friday, I was pretty proud of us.

Leg day✅ #losingthedirty30

I then decided it would be a good idea that I go try on swim suits.

I quickly after that found out that it wasn’t the best idea I ever had.

So annoying, I am pretty sure I feel better about myself than I actually look so it needs to catch the fuck up.

My step dads birthday was Saturday night so I met them out at Japanese Palace & drank for the first time in  quite a while… Y’all Coronas were flowing so nice like…

I then met tweedle dee and tweedle dum out and continued the shannanigans with fire ball to match. BUT I found the best bar EVER!!!! It is pretty much everything I have been looking for. Its a hole in the wall bar and its nasty and has two pool tables a dart board and its freaking amazing! I love it…. and I will now make it my Cheers.

I was super happy drunk, and giggly.

Shaking my head.

Want it? Come here let me lick you..

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on February 5, 2017

Y’all…. I have totally forgotten what it was like to have a new born, and yet I do not have a new born I will say that having a kid with the flu is just as bad I think… My poor Briysen started getting sick on Sunday and it just took him by the hair and made him his B****.

There is not much worse than seeing your baby sick, I mean you want them to feel better and all you can do is all you can do. So about 6 days of sleeping on the couch waking up every 4 hours for Tylenol and a breathing treatment and then 2 hours later waking up for Motrin  this mama was pooped! Not to mention trying to get Briysen to eat was awful and he needs to eat anyways, he probably lost a good 5-8lbs…

Today is day 8 and he is FINALLY feeling better! he has a pretty nasty cough still but the fever and body aches are gone!

We may try to attempt school tomorrow but we shall see when he wakes up.. I am 80% sure that he will call me to go and get him, not because he is still sick but because he has 0 energy.

Luckily I have managed to keep him in his room so, so far so good on no one else getting it *fingers crossed*

On the flip side of things I had the honor of taking Gaige to his first Mavs game!

We both had a blast and the Mavs kicked major ass!

Such a great game!! The Teen & I had a blast at the Mavs game ❤️ It was a PERFECT game for his first Mavs Game!!! Mavs win 104 to 97!!!

Speaking of ass… never noticed how HUGE Lebron James is…. Like almost not fair to play. He just walks up to the hoop and its like nothin’….. dunk.

So much fun….

As far as my eating and working out this week… yep they have been non exsistant and I can totally feel the difference. I am swollen from not drinking water and I am super sleepy from not eating right, eating like shit or eating just not like I should… Super bummed but no bigs.. I am back on track as of tomorrow morning.

I did step on the scale and I am still the same so that’s a plus..

My heart has been achy lately… its super gay when it does this..

I hate it….

Buut I am going to see 50 Shades Darker on Thursday <3 I just finished the book ( for the 2nd time) on Friday …… Gotta love when he tells her to take off her panties at the restaurant <3 Hey he holds her door open when she gets in the car.. 🙂 He’s a gentleman <3



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